Few helpful carry-along things that you should take on every flight


We all surely cherish the old times when free peanut packets were distributed in flights and every seat had a fluffy blanket for the air traveller’s comfort. But unlike those times, now the flights often charges extra money for snacks, meals and even blankets and pillows. The flight delays are quite common to all. You may come across some adverse situations as well when in the flight, so it’s important to be prepared beforehand, whether you are flying for a short or long distance.

There are some air travel carry-on items that can make your flight journey actually comfortable.

Some vital medications and toiletries

You must include few vital things in your carry-on like medications with prescriptions in original packaging, antiseptic creams, moisturisers and lip balms. These kind of items are essential because you may need them when flight delays are long or your checked bag is lost. But for doing so, you would also need to abide by the flight security rules and regulations. If you are carrying liquid prescription medications, there are also separate norms that must be followed.

Snacks and foods

Now-a-days snacks are rarely offered for free so it’s a good idea to carry something to eat. But while picking the bring-along food be a little careful not to choose smelly foods that may irritate your co-travellers. Even be cautious about avoiding items that may not be permitted in your destination. Some food items like gums, candies and lozenges can even help you head-off ear popping during take-off and landing of flights.

Items for entertainment

The types of entertainment or time-pass activity in a flight varies from traveller to traveller, some like to take a nap, some would listen to music and some other would prefer reading. So taking your own entertainment stuff can be useful. If you are looking forward to listen to music, carry your earphones which would save you from purchasing a new one in the airport. You must also get your gadgets fully charged before boarding a flight so that it doesn’t run out of life. Carry books, magazines or newspapers on hand as most of the airlines no longer offer them for free.

Cosy comforters

You may need something to wrap around when the in-flight temperatures drop, and the atmosphere gets quite chilly. So taking along a sweater, a jacket or a wrap in the carry-on bag would surely keep you warm. The traveller neck pillows are also very useful if you are going for a long flight trip.

Credit Cards and other plastic money

Sometimes you may feel like having a bottle of water or a drink or watch some movie during the flight. So carry your credit cards and other forms of plastic money to purchase what you desire for. Even there are several airlines who refuse to take cash and only accepts credit card payment for food, drinks, entertainment and even Wi-Fi.

So just getting the destination planned properly and grabbing the tickets of flight is not enough for a traveller to have a decent, peaceful and comfortable flight journey. Knowing about the in-flight carry-along essentials are equally important.

The Serenity of Serena

If you want to be the best that you can be, you have to take yourself seriously. You deserve serious self-respect and a fully developed sense of self-worth. Anything less and you will be letting yourself down. We all deserve to be the person we would hope to be.

Watching Wimbledon and seeing the amazing way Serena Williams keep on winning and smiling, and the incredible way that Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Andy Murray manage their whole lives was an inspiration. How balanced must they be to achieve the sort of self-belief – not to mention the physical capacity – to test themselves against all-comers week in and week out?

Whatever the odds, and whether they win or lose, those incredible sports men and women have reached the state of grace that comes with being the best possible version of themselves irrespective of whether they win or they lose.

Maybe it’s no accident that they tend to do more of one than the other.

Infographic - updated version

Decorating a Bathroom on a Budget


You may be thinking that you do not have enough money in your budget for your bathroom decoration. Nevertheless, it can be done without having to spend too much money. Just changing the accessories in your bathroom out to new cannot make a dramatic difference. Firstly, you should take everything that can be moved out of your bathroom so that you will be able to begin with a clean state. This means everything in the bathroom cabinet, in drawers, and on the countertops. The next thing is to make a plan. Decide on what you really need to have in the bath and where will you go to put it. Clutter is something that may ruin the look of any design of your bathroom. Try finding places for hair care supplies, toothbrushes and some other things in the bathroom. Look for some organizational systems that will fit in your drawers and cupboards. The more Storage space that you have, the less you will be tempted of keeping on the top of counters; thus, ruining the look of your new room.

Some ideas on properly using bathroom cabinet and some other decoration for your bathroom will help you to beautify and cut down on the bathroom clutter. Cabinet in a bathroom is the best thing to have in your bathroom. It is not just helpful for storing all the things you need in the bathroom; it also add to the beauty, cleanliness, and in for making the room more organized to look at. I discovered a great range of bathroom cabinets at Bella Bathrooms, I really loved a mirrored cabinet with backlit LED lighting, this can provide a bathroom with a relaxing spa ambiance  while enjoying a soak in the bath at the end of the day.

  1. You may start with a fresh paint coat. To pain a room will be the easiest and quickest way of changing the decoration of a room. You may also paint your bathroom cabinet if they are in poor shape or damaged. Ensure that your paint will be standing up to the humid conditions that nearly all bathrooms have.
  2. If you are quite ambitious, you may consider removing the mirror above the sink, replacing it with a new one. Two decorative smaller mirrors over a double vanity mirror rather than one large mirror will bring your bathroom into a much more modern design, matching with your bathroom cabinet.
  3. You can also add a great looking hook to the door of your bathroom so that you can hang up plastic pouches and bathrobes, which contains hair dryers and some other bathroom necessities.
  4. Change out the drawer pulls and knobs on your drawers and cabinets. You can try something with a different style or little more color than your original knobs.
  5. You may also want to replace your bathroom hardware like the sink faucets and bathtub. A shiny, new faucet can work wonders for your bath.
  6. Then, change your bath towel rings and racks. Furthermore, think on where you can keep those towels that you do not use. There are many decorative choices such as shelves and baskets, which you can use. With this, you will be able to have the colors of the towel to accent your bathroom, but still keeping them tidy and neat.

These are only some of the many ways to decorate your bathroom, and use the bathroom cabinet as the thing that you will focus because it is the main attraction in the bathroom. The beauty of your bathroom will lie on the design and decoration of your cabinet. Cabinet in the bathroom is the thing we most used other than the toilet and shower. It is very helpful in so many ways, and you can have your bathroom decorated without spending much.

My routine for a more Confident ME


Most often than not losing weight before summer equals to women worrying about bikini season. For me that’s the last thing I’m worrying about. Beauty confidence is all about feeling great, looking healthy, and making lifestyle changes. It’s no secret that my weight goes up and down, and that can be certainly be seen in this blog. I’m in no way ashamed about my body at the moment, but I do know that I need to get fit in order to be more healthy and avoid any knee problems in the future. Recently I’ve been making small lifestyle changes such as cutting down on my eating portions and incorporating some light exercise into my routine.

1. Portion control: The thing that always gets me are big portions. My stomach is just used to eating a lot but you can definitely train it to get satisfied by eating smaller portions. It’s unrealistic for me to encourage others to cut out their favorite foods because there is no way I’m ever going to stop eating bread and cheese. What you can do is practice eating smaller portions and not eating too many carbs during the day. I’m currently sticking to using smaller plates so it’s not as tempting to consume too much food.
2. Walk: Walking is just one of the easiest ways to incorporate an activity into your routine. You can either walk your dog during the afternoons or make sure to park your car as far as possible when you go to stores. Making these small changes will help you remain active and burn some extra calories.
3. Drink more water: Keep a glass or bottle of water by your side at all times. Water helps you to lose weight, energize muscles, keep your skin looking clear, keep your kidney healthy, and prevent constipation. I drink a lot of water during the day but I know that the taste can get a little boring after a while. An easy way to enhance the taste of water is by adding some lemon or lime juice!
4. Be your own cheerleader: Lose weight because you want to, not because somebody else wants you to. It’s always great to get support from others but you need to be your #1 fan and motivator. This is something I’ve struggled with in the past but I’m determined to become my own cheerleader so I can commit to making some very important lifestyle changes.
5. Build a good workout playlist: This is one of the easiest ways to pump myself up when I’m working out. A good playlist will keep me going and influence my walking pace. For me the ideal workout playlist needs to have high paced music which is why I love having a lot of electro and dance artists in my workout playlist. Rock music also does the trick too!
6. Set goals: Forget about number and focus on setting realistic lifestyle goals. More often than not people just focus too much on their weight and will do anything to reach their desired goal. Instead of focusing on the number on the scale I’m focusing on accomplishing certain lifestyle goals such as running a mile without having to walk, fitting back into my old clothes, and working on my legs so I can reduce the amount of chafing.
In addition to a healthy diet and workout, I use the Bliss Fat Girl Slim Lean Machine to tighten up my skin and give the overall body a more contoured look.  I’ve been using a few different Bliss beauty products and love the effects that they have on my skin. With a practicing routine of a healthy diet, regular exercise and a consistent use of the lean machine every day for just 6 minutes; it has been proven to give some pretty amazing results!

P4293596 P4293598
Moving from the knees towards your thigh, move slowly along your leg. This massage action promotes healthy circulation and with continued use should give you the appearance of smoother legs with less cellulite. I spend about 20 minutes total using the Bliss Fatgirl Lean Machine on my thighs, both from and back and my abs. It’s not a lot of time for something that has really bothered me and I am really looking forward to seeing the results with my continued use.
All the changes I am making along with the use of the Bliss Fatgirl Lean Machine, will make a big difference in how I feel about myself. I will be able to wear all those cute shorts and crop tops that I just got for my birthday, without having to worry about pockets of fat peeking out.

Review: DHC Pore Cleansing Oil

dhc-pore-cleansing-oil1 dhc-pore-cleansing-oil3

I purchased this because I liked the performance of the Pore Wash offered by DHC. Now, while I really can’t speak to the pore-reducing properties of this oil, it does leave my face as clean as a whistle, really soft and clear. Which says a lot for my oily and sometimes hormonally blemish-ridden skin.

The package looks nice, nothing extravagant. The oil is a thick, slippery liquid that should be massaged with dry hands on a dry face in order to work. That little bit is key. Then you can rinse off with lots of water. If you have oilier skin like me, you should probably follow up with a regular face wash or soap to take off any residue.

Pros: Removes makeup, even mascara, really well. When used as directed, does not leave face greasy whatsoever. Smells like grapefruit. Like other DHC products, one doesn’t need to use much, so it’s cost effective (mostly). Contains high quality oils such as olive, argan, avocado, coconut and some others that sound nice. No mineral oil, hooray.

Cons: Probably not awesome for people with really bad acne. And for the past week that I’ve used it, I can’t say I’ve seen a visible change in pore size. Maybe it needs more time?

Conclusion: If you’re into facial cleansing oils, this is superb/worth the £. Or if you’re tripped out by the idea of rubbing oil on your face (like me!) it’s still really gnarly.

Glamorize Your House with Rugs


Everyone wish to have a beautiful home which is decorated with beautiful decorative entities of their choice. Though, there are numerous ways and infinite ideas available, you can use your creative side and accentuate your home interiors with simple and eye-pleasing things. Rugs are one of such incredibly beautiful pieces of arts that you can bring to your home and enhance its beauty. You will find different types of rugs in the market. Each of them have their own characteristics. For example, handmade rugs are known for their aesthetic appeal, unique designs and traditional style of weaving while machine made or modern rugs are known for their unique patterns, vibrant colors and modern designs. Also, there is a difference in pricing and durability.

If you are planning to buy rugs for your home, then the first thing that you should consider is the shape of rugs. The most common shape of rugs available in the market for a long time is a rectangular shape. However, if you are looking for something different and want to do experiment, you can consider other shapes such as, round, oval and square.

Today, many rugs stores offer rugs in various sizes. Apart from rectangular shape and other shapes that have been mentioned above, some rug stores offer rugs in semi-circular shape. Also, you may come across rugs having fish or flower like shapes. Once you decide about the shape, the next thing that you should consider is style and color of the rugs you are purchasing. Apart from this, you need to decide on the size and type. While choosing the size, think about the particular spot in your house where you have decided to install your rugs. You will find different rugs available in a variety of sizes. The furnishing of your house and the size of your room are the key factors that help you decide which rug you want to buy. If you are planning to buy rug for your dining room, make sure that it will accommodate your dining table and chairs.

When it comes to selecting a rug type, it varies in terms of style and brand. You will find many different types of rugs including Persian, handmade, modern, textured, hall runners and so on. Make sure you select an appropriate type that goes well with your home décor. However, your budget matters more than anything when it comes to make a final decision.

Rugs are truly a piece of art which is highly adorable. They make your rooms look striking and invites good comments from your dear ones for their aesthetic appeal. Whether your home style is modern or Victorian, you will find beautiful rugs that suits perfectly to your interiors and add more elegance to your rooms.

Four Ways To Freshen Up Your Windows At Home

cleaning indoors window vac  (1)

You find your interior boring and you haven’t changed anything in the past few years? Then, why not consider installing new windows. Beside making your rooms look brighter and more up-to-date, new window panes may bring more advantages than you can think of.

If you’re tired with the same old look of your home interior, you may feel like it’s time to change something. So, why not try to refresh the overall appearance by changing the windows, for example? Replacing them or just sprucing them up may bring a lot of unexpected benefits, too. And while getting a fresh vision for your home is obvious, you will be happy to find out that most modern windows promote serious energy saving for your household. That means having a green and trendy interior in the same time. Also, you’ll probably enjoy a much better pest control during the summer months. So, here are a couple of interesting ideas that will help you brighten up your house a little.

Using Natural Materials

The use of green or eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, birch or maple is getting extremely popular according to various window cleaning adepts in Sydney and other major Australian cities. Go for wooden shades or blinds to bring a sense of nature in your home. Not only that, but wooden blinds are also great when it comes to providing a much needed escape from the sun during hot summer days. Alternatively, you can simply go for the classic wood shutters, which could easily refresh the overall look of every room.

Try Clear Shades

This type of sheer shades are ideal for the early spring, but I think they can work quite well whenever you decide to apply them. If you are using thick curtains for instance, replace those with something lighter and airy. Whether it will be some shades or a different type of curtains, having some lighter colours would definitely brighten the way a room feels.

Time To Go Bold

During the spring and summer months it is usually better to use the so-called cool colours, such as blue or green. Consider installing cellular shades, which will keep your place colder during the summer period. But instead of changing only the window coverings, you can also repaint part of the room too. This will bring a nice and smooth change in the way you see the room.

Cellular or Roller Shades

These type of shades are great, because they can be precisely adjusted according to your preferences and it’s no surprise that more and more people opt for them lately. Moreover, both roller and cellular shades can be bought in various colours, shapes and sizes, thus adding versatility to the rooms in your house.