Trend Alert: ALL WHITE

All trends aside what could be a better way to celebrate summer than wearing whites? This summer I’m leaning towards a cleaner look and except for cutting my hair I also want to gather a small collection of white garments to combine into total white looks. Right now I’m craving a peasant dress and a pair of flared jeans, though who knows if I’ll be able to stop there?

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I absolutely love how the fashion trends are leaning more towards comfortable shoes these last couple of years. When it comes to dressing for the hot days – the last thing you want to wear is uncomfortable shoes so I’ve taken care of that.

1. Gladiators

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2. Espadrilles

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3. Lace up heels

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4. White sneakers

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5. Slides

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Tips For Efficient Time Management


Which acts of yours have brought you near to your fantasies? It is safe to say that you are hoping to get up one morning and abruptly do everything to attain to your fantasy in simply that one day? As it is said wisely that, success is an everyday propensity. It’s the easily overlooked details you do consistently that will get you to your destination.

Creating time management abilities is an excursion that may start with an inner boost it needs to be rehearsed for the other direction along the way. One objective is to help yourself become conscious of how you utilize your time as an asset in sorting out, arranging, and succeeding in your studies in the context of competing activities of companions, work, family, and so on.

Quit wasting time.

Spacing out for even only five minutes is a waste of time. Not taking a short cut is likewise an activity in futility. In the event that you need to figure out how to enhance your time management abilities, then you have to eliminate the exercises that aren’t identified with work.

Talking with your collaborators is fine; however maybe you have to eliminate that as well, particularly in the event that you have a due date to meet.

Put first things first

It doesn’t need to be a colossal thing. Neither does it need to be something that obliges an enormous venture of time, vitality or assets on your part. It simply must be something that you can do reliably. You will get to know that in the end you’ll be accomplishing a greater amount of that one thing you could have thought conceivable when you began. Over the long run, it will have a tremendous effect. It’s generally not the sensational, the unmistakable, the unique, up-by-the-bootstraps exertion that brings persistent success. Strengthening originates from figuring out how to utilize this incredible enrichment in the choices we make consistently.

We subordinate our fantasies for our career, our managers, our companions, our guardians and a ton of other individuals and activities. We ought to rather put our trusts and dreams as the most imperative thing consistently.

Figure out how to multi-task.

Multi-tasking is not generally advisable, particularly if the errands you’re performing need your full fixation. While small tasks can be done more than one at a time. What about going through a digest when you are waiting for the food to simmer. Maybe one of the best multi-tasking exercises you can do is listening to motivational audios while on the go.

Do the imperative things

What we have to do is to focus on the things that are generally imperative. The critical issue is that there are things that are not earnest. Yet there are things that will have the greatest effect on our lives. Things which can be done are like why not read an inspiring book? Why not invest some energy with your children as opposed to with the fellows at the bar?

On the off chance that you have not done anything today to get you closer to your fantasies you are not a visionary, you are a wisher. Wake up and make a move or watch the visionaries grab hold they had always wanted, one little step every day.

Rightly expressed that inspiration is the thing that starts your day. Propensity is the thing that keeps you going. Therefore, develop the propensity for putting first things first today. Take a shot at your fantasies at the end of the day. You are everything you can beFind Article, just move towards it.

When in Rome: Food and Wine Tours to Eat Like an Italian


As the famous birthplace of pizza, pasta and of course the mouthwatering gelato, some people travel to here simply for the food: Discover some of the best food tours off the beaten path in Italy.

If Italy is your next travel destination, then you have chosen well: amazing landscape, stunning seasides, extravagant Italian villa accommodations and, what else, the food. Italy is a culture that is proud of its heritage, and its passion for food is no exception. They often say that eating is not just defined as breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it’s an experience. One of the biggest problems when visiting Italy, is getting stuck in those tourist traps: high priced restaurants with mediocre food. So on your next trip to the old country, check out some of these luxury food and wine tours in Italy.

Not only are Italians dedicated to cooking divine dishes, but they take much pride in the local origin of their products. It is something that defines Italian food culture, and that not many tourists know about. A popular choice for holiday-makers is therefore visiting a biodynamic Olive Oil farm. One particular tour takes you to a property that was originally a Medici Hunting Lodge and boasts beautiful Italian gardens along with vineyards and olive groves. You will have the opportunity to meet the owners of the farm and hear their many stories not only about oil production, but history, culture and everything in between. Enjoy chatting while tasting divine extra virgin olive oil on bread toasted over a wood fire, and finishing it off with a refreshing desert wine.

When people think of chocolate, they automatically think of Switzerland or Belgium, but actually, Italy is one of the biggest chocolate producing nations. For all of those travellers with a bit of a sweet tooth, take a delightful stroll to visit three local Chocolate Artisans in the Piazza Beccaria district of Florence. There’s even the possibility to start the tour at Gelato Guru Simone Bonini’s laboratory to see how the product is made and taste amazing gelato from the very best. From there, meander on to some chocolate boutiques under the guidance of an expert private tour leader.

One cannot go to Italy without indulging in a little wine. The best area to visit for this would be Tuscany, rich with some of the best wines in the country, not to mention the most breathtaking view. Check out the Consuma mountain range while travelling to the beautiful Chianti Ruffina Wine Zone. Visit the castle while you’re at it and take a tour of the private wine cellars of the Marchesi Frescobaldi. The best part will be tasting these marvellous Tuscan wines, coupled with meats and cheeses from the region that will pair nicely.

This is just a small fraction of the variety available, with cities such as Rome, Venice and Naples offering a wealth of food based activities, and each region specializing in their own dish. So whether it be truffle-hunting in Tuscany or high-end wine tastings in Milan, make the most of your time in this wonderful country and eat to your heart’s desire.

How to Prevent Osteoporosis


Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become weak and brittle. It is a disease where decreased bone strength increases the risk of a broken bone. Osteoporosis is the most common reason for a broken bone among people who are old. This occurs more often as people get older like many health problems.

If people can stay healthy as they age, they can avoid many health problems until they are older. As I have researched the prevention and cure of many health problems, the same things keep coming up as a common theme.

Humans were designed to do a certain amount of work that for many is now considered exercise. As life was made easier, it made the health of people worse. It is hard to find any health challenges or diseases that cannot be prevented or improved with exercise.

Even a mental problem like depression can be prevented or helped with exercise. An expert researcher of depression says that exercise is medicine. The specific exercise that can help with preventing osteoporosis is weight bearing exercise. Here is something funny about this. One form of this is walking.

Being overweight is bad for health but the heavier one is, the more weight bearing an exercise like walking is. But even better that walking is lifting weights or resistance training. Just like muscles get stronger from lifting weights, it also strengthens bones to have the extra force on them.

Not only does this strengthen the bone but by strengthening the muscle around the bone, helps to prevent it from getting injured. I was very athletic growing up and did martial arts and gymnastics that can increase one’s chance of breaking bones. I also did yoga but this is not an activity where people are likely to get injured. With all these activities that I did while growing up, including trampolining, I only broke one bone.

I remember being at a pool during the summer. Another boy that I did not know, noticed that I was muscular. He asked why that was and I told him that I lifted weights. I guess he wanted to prove that having strength does not make you a good fighter so he challenged me to a fight.

He was taller than me so I guess he figured that that makes one a good fighter. I had not told him that I was a good fighter since I learned that in martial arts and practiced it. He never asked about that. So it only took a minute for him to call off the fight since he saw that I was also faster than him and had fast reflexes. Some of this was inherited and some came from training.

Of course it is common knowledge that exercise helps to prevent cancer and cardiovascular problems as well as other things. In fact if someone lies in bed and does not do anything, their muscle will atrophy and they will not be able to do anything. So it is similar with bones. So weight bearing exercise is vital to prevent your bones from becoming weak and brittle.

Here are other things that Wikipedia lists to avoid osteoporosis. Many things do not have a cure since there are a number of different factors that affect it. Osteoporosis is a good example of this. Excessive consumption of alcohol decreases your bone density. It also kills brain cells, hurts the liver and makes it more likely for you to fall.

A vitamin D deficiency contributes to osteoporosis but this also contributes to many health problems and this is why they say that we have a vitamin D deficiency pandemic. There is not enough of this nutrient in food and people are not getting enough sunlight, that is the best source of it. Also people do not get enough in supplements since the high numbers scare them. One milligram of vitamin D is 40,000 IE.

Smoking also contributes to osteoporosis and people know this is terrible for health, but 20% of Americans still smoke. Heavy metal toxicity can also contribute to weak bones and some people have that. The phosphoric acid in soft drinks increase the risk of osteoporosis at least in women.

A large government study was done that showed the amount of calcium in diet has nothing to do with a lack of bone density. There is a whole theory about if you consume foods that are too acid, this acidity must be neutralized by taking calcium out of the bones. It then combines with the acid and this substance is then urinated out. The calcium cannot be recycled. This is why Wikipedia says that milk builds weak bones. Many of the foods high in acid are high protein foods. The most alkaline food that there is, is green tea so that can help with this.

Wikipedia says, “Research has found an association between diets high in animal protein and increased urinary calciumArticle Submission, and have been linked to an increase in fractures.” It also mentioned that not enough omega-3 essential fatty acids and too much of the omega-6 essential fatty acids is a risk factor for osteoporosis. This also causes many other health problems and this even includes depression.

Wikipedia also says that excess sodium is another risk factor for weak bones. This comes from salt that is not a food but a chemical. This causes people to gain excess weight by causing them to retain water. says that consuming salt is worse for health than smoking. It also causes high blood pressure that is called the silent killer that causes heart attacks and stroke.

Helpful Tips On Buying Home Furniture


There are a lot of style options that one can choose from when it comes to furniture. But you have to make sure that the items you pick will blend with the existing items in your home and also fit your budget. The following are a few helpful tips you can use to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Buying furniture made from wood. When you buy furniture made from wood, it is important that you perform a visual inspection by looking at the drawers, undersides and all fittings. Doing this will give you a better idea about the condition of the item than the surface wood. Known as secondary woods, these types of surfaces determine the quality of construction as well as the age of the piece.

Buying a sofa. Make sure that you examine the frame if you are buying a sofa. Choose a sofa with a frame board that is slightly more than one inch in thickness. The board will cause squeaks, cracks and a short lifetime. Try sitting on the sofa you want and then move to see if it makes noises.

The color of your new furniture. You should think carefully about your choice of color when buying new furniture. Keep in mind that bolder colors can be a little bit difficult to match with existing decor. It is best to choose bold colors and patterns for smaller pieces while neutral colors and patterns for bigger pieces of furniture.

Negotiate on furniture prices. Remember that there is usually about 20% on the markup of home furnishings so don’t be reluctant to negotiate on the price. Bring along with you a friend or a relative who does not hesitate to haggle.

Measure the spot where your new furniture will be placed. Whatever furniture you will buy, whether it is a table, couch, or bed, take measurements to be certain that it will fit. You should measure if you intend to buy pieces that expand such as recliners and sleeper sofas.

Bring a sample of the color of wall treatments when you go shopping for furniture. Avoid getting a piece that does not go with everything in your home. It is best to take photos of your room to the furniture shop with you so you can compare.

Choose durable materials when buying furniture. Of course, you would want to get the most out of your investment. Furniture is expensive, so you need to choose pieces that will last. It is worth considering items that are made of hard wood or metal for they can last for a long time.

Making The Most Of A Tiny Space


Whether you live with your partner and your children, with siblings or you live alone I am sure you will no doubt agree that nothing beats the feeling of coming home after a long hard day and putting up your feet. From large family homes to small apartments; we do anything and everything we can to make our homes our own, to ensure they reflect our styles and are as comfortable as possible none more so than in the bedroom.

From those who share with their significant other to those who happily have their own space, I think we can all agree that our bedrooms our quite easily our safe havens. Our room to shut out the world, do what we please and of course sleep, our bedroom is arguably the room we give the most attention to in our homes after-all, for the best night’s sleep it has to be perfect.

A big bedroom with a king sized bed and an abundance of space to store all of our things is generally the room of dreams but in today’s modern homes bedrooms are not normally as big as we’d hoped. In fact in some cases many of us may get stuck with the little boxed room that seems anything but the perfect environment.

Box rooms aren’t uncommon but knowing what to do with them and how to create the best environment can often leave many of us stumped, after-all aside from drowning in all our stuff and looking trapped, there is very little that we can do!

There is however the perfect solution to making the most out of very little space; opting for a storage bed. Whether you have had one before or never even considered one, the right storage bed can help you make the best out of any space…

  • A number of bespoke storage bed specialists can create quality single storage beds so you can have a reliable and durable bed with all the space underneath.
  • If you find yourself in a particularly small room why not maximise the space? Opt out of having a wardrobe and instead use your very own wardrobe on the floor. It might be important to in this case note that it is best to buy your bed from a specialist manufacturer to ensure that you get a quality bed that won’t break after just a few lifts. You will definitely need a durable bed.
  • If your room isn’t so small that you can have a wardrobe then use the space for additional storage. The odds are that if you are in the box room of the house then you will rarely have space for everything you would want in your room. Whether this is your shoe collection, photo albums and memories, copious amounts of beauty products or anything in between, storing it all away in your bed will ensure that you can create a open space with minimal clutter.
  • One of the worst parts of having a small bedroom is that you will often have to dust very regularly. Unlike larger rooms, dust will sit and gather far quickly and with limited air (often only a small window) it can become a very uncomfortable environment. With a storage bed and the ability to store as much as possible away, you can rest with ease knowing that if nothing else, there are far less objects and surfaces for the dust to sit on.

Stuck with the storage room of the house? Fear not! With the right storage bed there is no reason why you cannot maximise the space and make the most of what you have.

Why says the box room has to be such a nightmare?