Short Breaks to Paris


Paris hotels are extremely popular for romantic weekend breaks. The city of Paris is outstanding, and has attracted visitors from all over the world for centuries. Whether it is the breathtaking scenery, amazing architecture or the natural beauty, you will be drawn into the mystery of the city. You can enjoy a gentle stroll among the mass of side streets before settling down to people watch over a coffee.

There is so much culture to enjoy whilst staying in this incredible city; you will never tire of the sights. If you are looking for an adventure on your weekend breaks, taking a trip up the Eiffel tower is essential. The romantics love to propose in this magnificent landmark, however it is not mandatory. For more breath taking views of Paris, climb the stairs of the Arc de Triomphe and you will not be disappointed.

The 360 degree view stretches out over the whole expanse of the city, with many Paris hotels in sight. The Rive Gauche (left bank) in Paris is a beautiful area to visit, and many people enjoy a simple wander admiring the scenery. While on weekend breaks in Paris, the artwork is not to be missed, with the obvious choice of the Louvre, but also with the Muse D’Orsay being one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Many people visit the building simply to admire the beautiful structure itself.

The collections of impressionist paintings by some of the most famous artists are staggering. Monet, Van Gogh and Renoir all have collections housed inside the splendid building which overlooks the Seine. If you are looking for romance on your weekend breaks in Paris, taking a cruise up the River Seine at night is ideal. Enjoying the stunning views of Notre Dame and the Eiffel tower whilst you sip champagne is the perfect way to end the day or start the night! The buildings in Paris are amazing, and you will find that a large proportion of your weekend breaks is taken up with them, however, there is plenty more to do. Staying at Paris hotels is a joy as they are incredible; they offer elegance and class at an affordable price.

However, you cannot visit Paris without shopping, as the city is renowned for the up market boutiques and designer stores. Some of the wealthiest shoppers from around the world travel to Paris for weekends. Many of the Paris hotels overlook the parks and gardens, ensuring that you see all that Paris has to offer. Once you have been sightseeing, and shopped until your feet can take no more, enjoy a break sitting amongst the natural beauty.

There are refined gardens such as Tuilleries Gardens as well as the Jardins du Luxembourg near the Senate. You can sit and enjoy the peace and quiet, or have a picnic in the shade. Food of course is well known in Paris for being outstanding; you will find fantastic restaurants in all areas. Whilst on your breaks you can enjoy late suppers, classic breakfasts and pastries which will take your breath away. No matter what your reason for visiting Paris, you are guaranteed to return time and time again.


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