Review: MAC Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF 35

IMG_3936 IMG_3944

I really want to love this product, but it’s just a big problem from application to its wearing power. Right now I am using it as a primer. I put MAC Studio Fix Fluid (I blended it with moisturizer to make it more hydrating and less coverage) on top. My face looks horrible. You can see all my pores. The other day I used it alone just as a tinted moisturizer, and it has the same effect. I don’t know what I am doing it wrong.

I usually use a Beauty Blender (aka a sponge) to apply it or my hands because the stuff doesn’t blend too well so I don’t want to spend 30 minutes using a brush. It’s kind of an arm workout trying to put it on.

No matter what I do, my pores look more noticeable. Also, it cakes around my nose and between my eyebrows and mouth. It seems as though any spot on my face that moves (smile lines etc), that’s where it likes to look flakey and cakey at.

The effect is immediate too. It’s not like it looks flakey 4 hours later. It looks shiny 4 hours later, but it looks flakey immediately. I even try to spray Fix + on it to fix it, doesn’t work. Also, the product is not as matte as I want it to be and knowing that the oil slick comes very soon after, I usually use MAC mineralize studio powder on top which doesn’t help the flakiness one bit.

I’ve tried using two different primers (Smashbox Photo Finish and MAC Prep+Prime Natural Radiance) and also using no primer with this. Either way, the results are horrible.

Only giving it two stars because it does look natural where it doesn’t flake and I like how moisturizing it can feel but it doesn’t look moisturizing because my skin looks flaky.

Also, this is not even a true BB cream. I feel played now since I realize that after buying it. There is no anti-aging ingredients or skin brightening. It’s basically a glorified tinted moisturizer/primer.


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