Blackpool Tops the Great British Bingo “Best Beach in Britain” Poll


The British seaside has become “cool” again in recent years, and I don’t mean that temperatures have continued to stay on the disappointing side! Instead of saving up for months, even years in some cases for an exotic or luxurious holiday, the British public are spending their hard-earned money on “staycations” and that has brought a much-needed cash injection to the coastline.

As a result of the increased tourism and income, those in charge have been able to reinvest that cash into making the British coast appealing again, like it was back in the 1980s and 90s, and they are now reaping the benefits of this work.

Rather than going off into Europe, or even further afield in search of sun, sea and sand; the British public are now no longer reluctantly staying at home, but choosing to. They are able to travel to the coast in just a matter of hours, making it the ideal option when it comes to entertaining the children during the school holidays, or a last-minute decision based on an improved weather forecast for a few days away as a family.

The problem that they now have, rather than working out which beach is worthwhile visiting compared to the other “rubbish” ones, is which one they choose because of everything they have to offer. Instead of having just a handful of great beaches and resorts, Britain is now offering countless seaside locations that are pulling in the crowds on sunny days.

To find out which beaches are the most popular, Great British Bingo recently performed an online survey of just over 400 people to find out where they would go given the choice and it was all very close – except for the winner.

You might not think that there would be a clear winner with a UK-wide survey, but Blackpool was the overwhelming favourite with a total of 69 votes, equating to almost 17% of the responses. To show how clear the victory was, Brighton was second on the list with 43 votes – nearly 11%.

Blackpool, on the North West coast, an hour from Liverpool and Manchester, has its iconic tower and famous Pleasure Beach to keep the whole family entertained, along with traditional features like the arcades and attractions. Then there is the sandy beach which makes for a great pitch for beach cricket and to play other games.

Bournemouth came third in the Great British Bingo survey, picking up a total of 20 – almost 5% of the votes. The remainder of the top ten consisted of Cornwall (14 votes), Scarborough (12 votes), Skegness (10 votes), Troon (10 votes), Whitby (9 votes), Southend (8 votes) and Devon (6 votes).

Things then got a lot closer, with more than 50 locations – including Newquay, Weymouth, Great Yarmouth and Cromer – picking up between 1 and 5 votes apiece.


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