Cooking Amaranth – DIY Guide


Amaranth is a delicious food for the vegetarians where they can get the proteins needed for a healthy diet and also has high levels of calcium as well as magnesium when compared to dairy products. It also has a high fatty acid content level and this will mean that it needs to be stored in a container or refrigerator for up to 3 months. Amaranth grain is a light brown type of seed that comes from the amaranth plant and it is mainly grown in South America and Asia.

This dish can be prepared to be taken as rice or other grains in most cases but it can also be used as a side dish. Preparing this dish is easy even for those making their first attempt and they can include its recipe on their everyday guide. Just like popcorns amaranth can be popped by adding a little vegetable oil in a saucepan and then follow this up by adding the amaranth seeds.

The pan should be covered and shaken gently or slid over a burner as the seeds are popping over medium to medium high heat.The pan should always be moving in order to avoid the bottom seeds from burning. When a majority of the seeds have popped you should use a maple syrup or corn syrup to mix so as to have a delicious form of amaranth kettle corn.

Amaranth can also be grinded to produce flour that can be used for baking, it can also be eaten as snack when roasted as well as used as a healthy salad topping when sprouted. It can also be boiled to make porridge or be used as a substitute to couscous or rice.If you decide to boil amaranth you should do so in this formula and that is for every one cup of it you will add cups of water. The seeds of these plant are supposed to be simmered for approx 20 minutes till they become tender and somewhat sticky. When you are cooking amaranth you will need to have several things.

They will include 1 cup amaranth grain, 3 cups of water, medium sauce pan with lid, teaspoon of salt as well as a spoon. The first instruction is to pout the grain with water into a medium saucepan and heat it.You should then sprinkle the salt on the grain and stir this together. You should then increase the heat to high and heat it the pan while it is not covered until it comes to boil.

After it has boiled you should then reduce to low heat and then cover the saucepan where it should cook for about 25 minutes.Later remove the cover and check to see if all the water has soaked up and if so turn of the heat and put the saucepan cover back. Leave it for about 10 minutes to allow the excess moisture redistribute through the grain and then remove the lid and stir. The dish will now be ready for serving.


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