The Secrets of Organic Cosmetic Brushes Unraveled


Much has been said about our growing preference for using high quality organic cosmetics because of its several beneficial attributes like being allergy free, the absence of carcinogenic elements and the nourishing properties of some organic ingredients. On the other hand, some of these supposed organic makeup line has come under microscopic scrutiny due to the presence of non organic elements in their ingredients.

The secret here is for us consumers to learn to read the labels and not to rely on branding as dictated by the company. But is reading the label enough for us to be able to say that we are taking full responsibility when it comes to taking care of ourselves? If we are serious about taking care of ourselves, shouldn’t be using organic cosmetic brushes as well?First, maybe we should find out what exactly is the typical cosmetic brush made of.

According to my research, there are usually two types of cosmetic brush, the natural animal hair brush and the synthetic cosmetic brush. Different kinds of cosmetic brushes are used for synthetic and mineral makeup lines. Usually, cosmetic brushes are made available as blush, eye shadow, lipstick and even for eye defining and eye contouring.Natural cosmetics brush has been described as those coming from natural animal hair like badger, squirrel and sable.

Process of harvesting animal hair varies with each manufacturer but most claim that they do not harm the animals in the process. While a synthetic cosmetic brush is made from synthetic materials like taklon which is a synthetic fiber made from polyester without any allergen elements.Taklon is also found to be more hygienic compared to natural animal hair because it lacks the usual irregularities present in animal hair brushes. These surface irregularities trap bacteria or chemicals which may cause allergy or acne.

These organic cosmetic brushes have been considered an alternative to natural hair brushes because of its cruelty free and more superior and skin friendly positioning.Prices for these brushes are usually higher owing to the more rigorous process in producing them. But a small premium for our health is what organic cosmetics is all about.

These are more aptly called vegan or organic cosmetic brushes as the preparation and the material involved in manufacturing these are actually considered greener”. In fact, several companies prefer using these brushes over animal hair brushes despite their price difference. According to their website, the organic cosmetic brushes are made of professional grade ultra soft taklon which is certified cruelty free.


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