Budget-Friendly London Bed and Breakfast: Save to Spend and Explore More


London, England—the well-known world city that is the temporary home to at least 14 million international visitors and around 27 million overnight-stay visitors from local and foreign counties and cities. Being a world-class city, living in it is somewhat expensive. Fortunately, your dream travel will be a reality when you sacrifice in planning ahead of time. One aspect to savings in your budget is finding cheap accommodation in London that is close to transport services and London’s attractions. Go ahead and rent a night’s stay at a budget hotel. After all, you will be up all day long exploring London’s breath-taking sights.

London, along the River Thames, has grown much physically and amassed a huge trove of cultural treasures. Amidst London’s colourful history, it has been the capital of Roman’s Britannia and has suffered numerous wars, revolts, fires, plagues and sieges, yet rebuilt itself every time. From the City of London and City of Westminster, London now covers different surrounding boroughs in what is known as the Greater London Area. Aside from the City in the centre, tourists have 32 boroughs to explore and get lost.

With all that money you could spend in more memorable getaways visiting attractions, museums, parks and events, shopping sprees and city tours, it makes for the cleverest sense to find cheap London accommodation that will offer the basic amenities to prepare eager tourists for the next day. Places of greatest interest can be found in Central London: Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) and Big Ben, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern, and Trafalgar Square. Other notable places are Carnaby Street, Leicester Square, Oxford Street, Soho Street, Mayfair, Theatreland and Camden Market. Along East London, you can find the Olympic Park. That’s not to forget London’s famous night life all scattered across Greater London. The money you save from availing affordable accommodation will go into your spending and contingency budget in the expensive English city. That ensures you get to enjoy London’s unique flavour to the fullest.

Remember, most of the tourists who come to London, do so, to spend time outdoors. The breath-taking sights and sounds will not appear at your hotel’s doorstep, so why spend too much on hotel payments? Instead of paying too much on luxurious amenities you may not have the time to use, it’s better to find cheaper accommodation that will provide all of the comfortable basics like a quiet room, good-sized bed, decent shower, air conditioning, colour TV with satellite channels, safes, and internet connection. This can be had in quality cheap accommodation in Central London. In addition, these budget hotels are bed and breakfasts that can cater anywhere from the individual business traveller to large family vacationers. If you can find a hotel near thoroughfares and railway termini, the better it will be. The beauty of staying in Central London lies in the high density of British must-see places in one area.

West End will be too expensive. Other boroughs will offer cheap hotel accommodation. If you travel by international and inter-city rail, staying in Camden is best. Camden is home to St Pancras International, Euston and King’s Cross Stations and will be the best option if you intend to connect with other cities. If you travel by air you can choose Victoria, with a direct link from Gatwick, and Paddington, which has straight access from Heathrow. Other areas with many budget hotels are BayswaterFind Article, Victoria and Kensington. Plan ahead and look for the best deals from these hotels.

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