Sightseeing in London

London, UK - July 24, 2011: Big Ben and Westminster parliament in the evening sun on July 24, 2011 in London, UK

The sights of London are so beautiful and varied that they make London into a true tourist Mecca. One has to get round to experiencing London’s attractions first hand to truly appreciate the true worth of a sightseeing tour in London, UK.

Attractions such as Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, are just a few of the many attractions that one can experience to come a little closer to London. London is without doubt one of the most famous cities the world over and at every corner you will feel that its history is waiting to be explored. For the first timers, Madame Tussaud’s museum is a must-see.

The wax figures of celebrities and some interesting scenes of major events of world history will engross you here. The Museum of London is another must visit for it tells the story of vibrant London. The museum is a beehive an activity at day when people are moving around in between the venue’s conference & meeting spaces. At night the galleries offer a memorable backdrop for receptions and fine dining. You will certainly get mesmerized by the beautiful and stunning exhibits. If you like you can invite a museum curator to lead a tailored tour.

The Tower Bridge is an exclusive attraction which towers over The Thames never failing to enchant admirers with its beauty and elegance. The Tower Bridge is occupied by four striking venues each having a historical charm of its own. From almost 42 metres above the River Thames, you can see stunning views across London from the Bridge’s walkways. The Bridge also has a new attraction, the North Tower Lounge which is very elegant and where one can get together for informal lunches and meetings.


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