Tuscan Food


Tuscany is a region of Italy with great artistic beauty and landscape that is visited annually by millions of tourists. As well as the monuments and natural beauties there are also other things in Tuscany that are known and loved around the world.

One of these is surely the excellent Tuscan food, the dishes typical of this region of Italy have a tradition that goes back centuries, it is inspired by the typical products of the territory and the eating habits of the ancient people who inhabited this area.

In the past the Tuscan food consisted of simple foods that were the fruit of crops typical of the area, since the finding of food grown in distant lands were available to only the more affluent people, the popular recipes in this area have become an integral part of Tuscan culture, it has been passed down to modern times becoming more and more appreciated. Tuscan food has spread to the wealthiest people who are enthusiastic to savor these dishes.

An important food in this region is the bread, it is different from other types of bread because it not have salt. According to some historical anecdotes the origins of this recipe of bread without salt dates back to many centuries ago, when the continuing disputes between Pisa and Florence were taking place, the Pisani who ran the trade of precious salt decided to block the trade to the city of Florence, thus forcing the inhabitants to come up with a recipe for bread without salt.

The bread in Tuscany has always been very present in the diet typical of the area, this has given rise to a number of uses that go beyond its basic use, which was to accompany other dishes to make them more appetizing.

We can find the bread in many Tuscan dishes especially, after a few days when it becomes too hard and you need to soften it, this custom is well documented by many old recipes which are still widespread and appreciated, such as: pappa al pomodoro, ribollita, panzanella, acquacotta, garlic bread, vegetable soup, the soup of cabbage and many other dishes typical of Tuscany.

Tuscan food is also rich in other foods. The meat dish most famous and appreciated is the bistecca alla Fiorentina, a recipe that comes from an ancient Tuscan cuisine that was consumed only by richest people. The Fiorentina steak is made of Tuscan beef that is cut with a very high thickness which is left even to the bone during cooking, giving a special flavour to keep the meat soft, the steak Fiorentina is cooked only in part external and left to the blood in the inner part.

In addition to beef in Tuscany white meat is used often, which in ancient times were collected from the typical breeding farms in the area, they consisted of chickens, turkeys and rabbits as well as those raised meat in Tuscan cuisine. There are many recipes from wild game meat, that were obtained through hunting in the rolling countryside of Tuscany, where animals such as wild boar and pheasant where is abundance.

Even pig meat is a very widespread in Tuscany, such as salami, ham, bacon, sausages and many other typical products, that come from the old country tradition. They did their best to utilize every edible part of pork to complete a diet that at that time was low in protein.

Among the foods there are also typical Tuscan cheeses among the best and appreciated are the sheep, included for good taste and quality there pecorino of Pienza and pecorino of Maremma. The cheese consumed today are paired well with typical cold cuts with special jams or honey.

In Tuscany there are also excellent sweets, with many recipes that differ according to the various areas, among them are: the tiramisu, cake cecco, panforte, the chestnut, and the almond biscuits.



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