The Different Types Of Outdoor Furniture


Whether it is a deck, a sun room, a patio or a porch, you would need to furnish it with some outdoor furniture. Furniture that is placed outdoors comes in a wide variety of price ranges and styles. Depending on the furniture styles and needs, you can select individual pieces and furniture units. Here are some types of furniture.

Plastic resin and plastic furniture

There are tables that are full sized for outdoor arrangements in plastic resin as well as chaise lounges to relax along with smaller ones for an arrangement that is more casual. Plastic furniture is one of the most popular choices in outdoor furniture since it is weather proof and does not get easily damaged. It is also easy to clean plastic outdoor furniture. However, most pieces of plastic furniture are highly inexpensive and can be purchased easily from a store that sells them. One of the drawbacks of plastic furniture is that they are lightweight in construction and when an umbrella is used with them, they tip easily.

Powder cast aluminium furniture

This kind of furniture is stronger as compared to furniture made of plastic resin. It often has designs that are a little more intricate and is also highly expensive. Cast aluminium furniture often features the other materials while constructing it such as tables having glass tops, etc. Cast aluminium has different qualities. So, the price range is higher than that of plastic outdoor furniture. In order to get a more elegant space, you would find more design options in cast aluminium and they will wear nicely.

Wooden furniture

Cedar is the popular choice in wood that is used in the construction of furniture. You will get many individual pieces such as gliders, swings, benches, and chairs in many stores. You can also custom order sets from stores. Wooden furniture is a little more expensive as compared to other outdoor furniture. If properly cared for, it will last you a lifetime or even longer.

Custom furniture

You might want to consider matching and mixing pieces of different types of construction, whether it is plastic with PVC or wood with any other material. The furniture should be practical, but comfortable. So, also keep in mind the frequency of its usage while deciding how much to spend. Garden retailers and large lawn retailers, home improvement centers, etc. have a lot of outdoor furniture with them. Before you can buy furniture, you could also compare the prices at online stores that would give you a wide range of options to choose from.


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