When in Rome: Food and Wine Tours to Eat Like an Italian


As the famous birthplace of pizza, pasta and of course the mouthwatering gelato, some people travel to here simply for the food: Discover some of the best food tours off the beaten path in Italy.

If Italy is your next travel destination, then you have chosen well: amazing landscape, stunning seasides, extravagant Italian villa accommodations and, what else, the food. Italy is a culture that is proud of its heritage, and its passion for food is no exception. They often say that eating is not just defined as breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it’s an experience. One of the biggest problems when visiting Italy, is getting stuck in those tourist traps: high priced restaurants with mediocre food. So on your next trip to the old country, check out some of these luxury food and wine tours in Italy.

Not only are Italians dedicated to cooking divine dishes, but they take much pride in the local origin of their products. It is something that defines Italian food culture, and that not many tourists know about. A popular choice for holiday-makers is therefore visiting a biodynamic Olive Oil farm. One particular tour takes you to a property that was originally a Medici Hunting Lodge and boasts beautiful Italian gardens along with vineyards and olive groves. You will have the opportunity to meet the owners of the farm and hear their many stories not only about oil production, but history, culture and everything in between. Enjoy chatting while tasting divine extra virgin olive oil on bread toasted over a wood fire, and finishing it off with a refreshing desert wine.

When people think of chocolate, they automatically think of Switzerland or Belgium, but actually, Italy is one of the biggest chocolate producing nations. For all of those travellers with a bit of a sweet tooth, take a delightful stroll to visit three local Chocolate Artisans in the Piazza Beccaria district of Florence. There’s even the possibility to start the tour at Gelato Guru Simone Bonini’s laboratory to see how the product is made and taste amazing gelato from the very best. From there, meander on to some chocolate boutiques under the guidance of an expert private tour leader.

One cannot go to Italy without indulging in a little wine. The best area to visit for this would be Tuscany, rich with some of the best wines in the country, not to mention the most breathtaking view. Check out the Consuma mountain range while travelling to the beautiful Chianti Ruffina Wine Zone. Visit the castle while you’re at it and take a tour of the private wine cellars of the Marchesi Frescobaldi. The best part will be tasting these marvellous Tuscan wines, coupled with meats and cheeses from the region that will pair nicely.

This is just a small fraction of the variety available, with cities such as Rome, Venice and Naples offering a wealth of food based activities, and each region specializing in their own dish. So whether it be truffle-hunting in Tuscany or high-end wine tastings in Milan, make the most of your time in this wonderful country and eat to your heart’s desire.


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