Trend Alert: ALL WHITE

All trends aside what could be a better way to celebrate summer than wearing whites? This summer I’m leaning towards a cleaner look and except for cutting my hair I also want to gather a small collection of white garments to combine into total white looks. Right now I’m craving a peasant dress and a pair of flared jeans, though who knows if I’ll be able to stop there?

16732402844_c35a4f132d_o 16734642603_16a3d3dc65_o 17147447377_eb9d8aeb24_o 17147450537_c8c9c277a3_o 17147454647_7c9066e45e_o 17167105048_47b5a38174_o 17167106308_a5b5e821fd_o 17167110948_aeae4605e3_o 17167333970_aa79149a5e_o 17168669639_d8803c635e_o 17168674379_32466105af_o 17168680349_2d6e733e18_o 17328930566_16cf018e7b_o 17328931246_e530c74313_o 17353000182_c581dd5079_o 17354536481_9877f7ba8a_o 17354539531_c075acf5e3_o 17354542811_e0651b3014_o 17354546961_63d01975f5_o


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