The Benefits Of Buying Coffee Online

 With the invention and proliferation of the Internet we have an unprecedented amount of retail outlets to choose from. This has implications in almost every sphere of retail and consumption but one you might not immediately suspect is in coffee retail and consumption. Where do you buy coffee online? Coffee drinking is widespread as are the industries for coffee growth, export, import, distribution, and so forth. It can be absolutely mind-boggling to discern what the best beans or the best company to buy them from is. Here are some tips about how to buy the best coffee online.


First of all, location, or where the beans are grown, matters a lot. Coffee plants, which are actually shrubs or small trees, are a fragile and sensitive organism that needs just the right environment to thrive. They favour warm climates (but not too warm) and also need to be partially shaded to avoid scorching of the leaves that, believe it or not, also affects the taste of the coffee bean. Did you know that the coffee bean, despite its name, is not a true bean? It’s actually an epigynous berry, or false berry as they’re sometimes referred to as.

The best coffee in the world is grown in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic has the very best and most unique climate for growing coffee; it is sometimes referred to as paradise on earth. For a relatively small country it has an amazing array of biodiversity. This is one of the beauties of buying coffee online; you can travel long distances at the click of a button.

It might not always be possible or affordable to travel to the Dominican, paradise on earth, but now, thanks to the Dominican Sierra Group, the best online coffee store in Canada, you can buy Dominican coffee online. The Dominican Sierra Group distributes Café Santo Domingo, which is the most popular coffee in the Dominican Republic. Café Santo Domingo is the only “field to table coffee producer ” available in Canada. Café Santo Domingo owns the land, the coffee trees, the processing equipment, the roasting equipment, and the packaging equipment. The same day Café Santo Domingo coffee is roasted, it’s shipped to Canada, guaranteeing consistent quality for every cup, all with the proudest Dominican employees making this happen. It’s finally here, paradise in a cup!

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