The Amazing Benefits of Engineered Flooring


A home can be made more beautiful through the concept of luxury flooring. So when it comes to hardwood flooring, you should think about this: engineering hardwood plank is using 4x less wood compared to equal amount of solid hardwood. Hence, when conservation is of primary significance to you then engineered flooring is your right choice.

Engineered flooring comes with a multitude of highly interesting benefits.

One of the benefits of engineered flooring is the flexibility that it offers to where this could be placed. It also provides flexibility within the environments to where it can be installed. You will never wish to install solid hardwood under grade or in a place where there is an issue associated with moisture. On the other hand, engineered hardwood can be utilized in those places that are with better moisture and humidity levels.

Engineered flooring is in fact significantly more stable over the solid wood floor. It is simply due to the way that engineered flooring is well engineered. The planks are made from different layers or piles of wood which are placed in various directions that are fused together by using an adhesive material at extreme high temperatures. They will be attached to the fiberboard core. This particular construction is what permits the boards to endure the expansion and the contraction that happens because of humidity and temperature variation much better compared to solid construction.

Aside from being flexible on the place where they could be installed, the engineered hardwood is also flexible on the way it was installed. Solid hardwood flooring comes with primarily 2 installation methods which are the glue down and the nail down methods. On the other hand, there are styles and brands of engineered flooring which can be installed actually by using the locking system as the floating floor. In here, there will be no need reason to make use of nails or glue.

Though you still do not like to drag furniture athwart it or you walk with the spiked heels on top it, engineered flooring may take a huge deal more uneven traffic than how much traditional solid hardwood can take. Top quality engineered flooring could be utilized in high traffic regions like retail shops and malls wherein solid hardwood floor must not be installed.

Engineered flooring was somewhat popular as the best alternative to solid wood floors. Usually, an engineered wooden floor comes with the prefinished hardwood floor that have 2 or more layers of wood in one plank. The top sheet is typically made from hardwood whilst the bottom layers make use of a cheaper material. There are different types of engineered wood floor in the market and these may differ in terms of durability and quality.

Low quality engineered floor, while they are known to be initially cheaper and much affordable for most home-owners, might actually have expensive ownership cost and reduced customer satisfaction in the end since they should be replaced or refinished as soon as possible.


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