How to Make a New Build House Feel Like a Home

New build homes have plenty of benefits. They’re fitted with up to date features to keep them warm and dry, and standing for years to come. You don’t have to deal with a lot of the problems that would come with an older home, and you won’t have to do any renovations before the house is habitable. However, there can sometimes be downsides. For example, a new build home can feel like it lacks character. Everything may look shiny and new, but it can also seem a bit plain. If you want more of a homely and lived-in feel, you need to pay attention to how you decorate it.

Customise as Much as Possible

If you’re looking at new homes that are yet to be built, you will often have the chance to customise your house. When you go to look at the show home, they will tell you what you can change and select to your taste. You might be able to choose a colour for the kitchen or bathroom or perhaps have some choice in materials. Make sure you find out what you can customise and add on, and be aware of the added costs too. Some things will be a simple choice, but others will cost more to have one thing over the other.


Lee Haywood

Add Colour and Texture

Everything in a new build home can be a bit neutral. While neutral colours make an excellent basis for decorating, you need to layer on top of them. There’s no need to repaint the walls, although you might decide to add some feature wallpaper on a wall or two. You need to use your furniture and decor to add colour and texture to your home. Otherwise, it could all end up looking a bit flat and boring. Use bright accents and different textures and patterns to elevate each room from its starting point.

Display Personal Effects

Getting your personal items in as soon as possible will help to make your house feel like a home. If you only add new furniture on top of a new house, it could all look too shiny and new. Although you want it to look beautiful, you don’t want it to seem too much like a magazine spread. It needs to show that there are real people living there. Hang your family photos and display your favourite pieces of art. Find places for the artefacts and souvenirs you’ve picked up on your travels. Make sure that who lives in your home is unmistakable. You should be able to find evidence of your life and tastes everywhere.

Work Outside

If you’re lucky, your new build home will come with a garden. But it’s unlikely that much work will have been done on it. If you’re anticipating spending a lot of time outside, put some time and money into your garden. If you only have a plain lawn, work on putting in some plants and flowers. Don’t forget some furniture too, so you can spend time outside when the sun is shining.

New build homes present you with a blank canvas. You don’t have to work around any period features to get the look you want. So go crazy doing whatever you like with your new home.


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