Great gift ideas for music lovers


If you find it difficult to pick presents for friends or family members, you’re not alone. Choosing the right Christmas or birthday gift for a loved one can be tough. If you’ve been buying someone presents for many years, you may have run out of ideas, and if you haven’t known them for very long, you may be uncertain about their tastes. If you’re struggling to find something that would be a hit with your friend, homing in on a particular hobby or interest might help you to come up with something they’d really like. For music lovers, there’s a vast array of things to choose from. Here are just a few of the many fantastic gift ideas for people who know their a capella from their allegro and their synthpop from their hip hop.

Make novelty a necessity

Ideal for the music aficionado who seems to have it all, a novelty gift might strike the right note with the pop princess, indie rocker or virtuoso in your life. From decorated tote bags, to keyrings, to Christmas crackers, there’s no end to the creative music-related gifts on offer. Some instrument specialists have fun presents for serious musos. For example, Caswells Strings offers a range of gifts that are bound to put a smile on a string player’s face, from cello-playing figurines to violin-print ties. If the superfan in your life would prefer a classic band tee or wall calendar, you should be able to find just the thing in record stores and entertainment retailers on the high street. Don’t forget to check out the online stores on the websites of your friend’s favourite artists too – you never know what unusual tidbits you might find.

Create unforgettable experiences

One of the greatest experiences a music lover could have is the chance to go and see their favourite band or artist perform live. Whether it’s a sold-out arena concert or an intimate gig in a tiny venue, hearing much-loved songs played live is sure to be a memorable experience.

You might even decide to get a ticket for yourself and join your friend for the show. Whether or not you’re a fan yourself, sharing this experience with your friend could make for a fun night out.

Be original

If you’d like to treat someone to something truly original, then why not think about buying them a signed piece of memorabilia? Artists often sign items such as t-shirts, posters and CDs. A great piece of memorabilia would be an item that could be framed and then made a feature in a music room, garage or maybe in a living room. A signed piece of memorabilia is a collector’s item that can be kept forever. It may even rise in value as time goes on.

So if you want to get something special for a music superfan, then hopefully this post has helped you out. From novelty gifts to signed memorabilia, there is a wide variety of gifts available that are sure to be cherished.


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