Real People Making a Real Difference Through NLP


When you talk to people about their dreams and aspirations, some will give you realistic targets such as wanting to become successful in a specific industry, others will be more ambitious by saying that they want to be their own boss, while others come back with a slightly different, but equally admirable reply.

“I want to make a difference to people’s lives” is something that you hear people saying and either nod with appreciation and admiration for what they want to do, or you nod with the words “yeah right” going through your mind knowing full well that it’s never going to happen because the person just isn’t suited.

Speak to anybody working in a profession like healthcare, they will tell you that they got into nursing, midwifery or being a doctor to make a difference and to help people. That’s just the way some people are. We all want to get the maximum amount of satisfaction that we can from our jobs, whatever industry it’s in, and for some people that is achieved by getting people back to full health or by helping them to turn their lives around.

One fine example of a career that often gets overlooked in this respect, mostly because of the focus on doctors, nurses and surgeons; is neuro-linguistic programming, often abbreviated to NLP. This is an approach used to achieve specific goals by a combination of learning, language and behavioural patterns.

It’s a course offered by the likes of for those who want to make a difference to people struggling with a range of illnesses, disorders or problems that they want to either overcome or manage more effectivley. This could be anything from learning how to handle a particular phobia, or how to get used to living with a particular skin condition without having to feel as though you can’t go outside because people will be looking at you.

Like nursing and social care, it’s a particularly rewarding career but the kind that gets little or no media coverage and very few people are actually aware of the courses that are on offer to members of the public.

One of the things that experts like the previously mentioned come across is that people just don’t have the time or qualifications to train to be a doctor or a nurse, but they still want to give something back.

These NLP courses are run on a regular basis both in physical workshops and also over the Internet, making them much more accessible to those determined to train in the field, but unable to commit the time due to their current employment or personal restraints.

By working this way people can train in a field that they have a real passion for, without having to drop their long-term careers to completely re-train like many courses which may involved going back to colleges and Universities (and without the accompanying fees!)

So the next time you’re finding yourself staring out of the window, bored in your current role and dreaming about what you’d rather be doing, take a moment or two to look up more details about NLP courses – you could make a real difference to people’s lives.


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