Business Growth and Employment in Manchester

Over the years people have talked a lot about London being the home of British business, and if you want to become a real success in your chosen field then you’ll probably have to live and work in London.

Part of the reason for this belief is that all of the foreign investors look to London, and they are more likely to visit the capital than they are, for example, Birmingham or Sheffield. To some extent this was understandable, as it has all the necessary transport (whatever your feelings are about the crowded Underground and congested roads).

However, nowadays this view is somewhat dated, as this infographic created by Alexander & Co shows. The accountants in Manchester compiled the graphic to show that the North West is now becoming a major player in British employment and business in general, offering significant opportunities to graduates and those looking for a change of career.

For example, in the past five years employment has grown by more than 68,000 in Greater Manchester and the government are now backing the initiative known as Tech North in which they are looking to provide support and backing to startups in the digital sector.

The plan is to open the campaign in the trendy Northern Quarter, a stone’s throw from the city centre, in order to boost the digital sector in the north just like the Tech City plan in the capital.

It is expected that business and employment will continue to boom in Manchester in the next five years, with experts believing that it will soon become one of the most influential cities in the world – and when the likes of the BBC and ITV are relocating to the city it’s easy to see why.

Business Growth in Manchester


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