2 Fantastic Things You Can Do To Your Spare Room

A lot of people have a spare room in their house. This is a room that just sits there and doesn’t really serve a purpose. Over the years, it’s almost turned into a place to store old boxes and Christmas decorations.

Well, no more! Move those boxes elsewhere and start working on this spare room. Here are two fantastic things you can do with a spare room:


Chillout Room

Now, a chillout room is pretty much a room that you chill in. Pretty self-explanatory right? The aim of a room like this is just to relax and unwind. It’s a great way to turn a spare room into something you can enjoy. There are so many things you can do to turn it into the perfect room to chill in.

Firstly, you have to think about the floor. Now, call me old-fashioned, but I like a good bit of carpet in my chillout room. I know it may not look as modern or cool as laminate flooring, but it’s cosy. And that’s what this room is all about, being nice and cosy. Get a lovely thick carpet on the floor and the room already starts to take shape. Plus, another benefit of carpet is that you can just lay on the floor if you want to. If you have people over to hang out, and there’s not enough room, just chill on the floor. It will be perfectly comfortable if you’ve picked a good carpet!

Then, you have to think about the walls and how you want them decorated. Remember, this room is all about you and making you relax. I think simplicity is the key to the walls here. Either go for a very simple wallpaper design or paint the walls yourself. If you decide to paint, then pick a colour that you like. Pick something that will compliment the mood and set a nice relaxing tone. Colours like pale pink and lavender are proven to help reduce stress. That’s exactly the kind of thing we want in this room. We want it to be a stress-free zone! Picking the right wallpaper is a great start to keeping this room free from stress.

So you’ve got the colour of the walls sorted, and you’ve got the carpet down, what’s next? The furniture of course! Now’s the time to have a look around for some great furniture to have in your room. Remember what I said, this room is about cosiness and comfort. A hard, wooden chair has no place in a room like this! I’d also refrain from an office style chair too, you don’t want to remind yourself of work. A good idea could be to get a small comfy sofa to fit in this room. Something that can fit two to three people, it doesn’t have to be massive. Or, even better, a sofa bed! This means if you’re in the room late at night and can’t be bothered to move, you can have a nice sleep there instead. I also think that bean bag chairs are great for a chillout room like this. They’re a fun piece of furniture that screams relax and de-stress. Hell, if you want to go up a level, why not think about an indoor hammock too? Obviously there’s probably not enough room for all these things in your spare room, so just pick a few.

The final thing to think about is entertainment. Fill the room with all the things that entertain you. Get a TV in there so you can watch box sets on Netflix on a rainy weekend. Have a bookcase full of your favourite books. Whatever pleases you, put it in this room!


Home Office

The second option, for your spare room, is to convert it into an office. Turn it into a lovely little area for you to get some work done at home. A home office can be a great idea if you’re often given extra work to do at home. It’s a lot easier to power through work when you have a nice working environment. Plus, it can be great if you’re running a self-employed business or work as a freelancer. Either way, a home office can be perfect for you.

To start things off, you’ll need to think about the general look and feel of the office. Unlike the other option, I wouldn’t go for carpet here. I’d choose something that looks more professional. Also, I’d go for a plain colour on the walls like white or a shade of black/grey. These colours aren’t too distracting and can help you get some work done.

After that, you’ll need to make a list of all the office furniture you need. The first thing that pops into my mind is a desk. All offices need a desk for you to work on. Now, there are certain things that make a perfect office desk. It needs to be the correct height, have lots of space, and contain storage compartments. If you find one that ticks all three things, then you’re on to a winner. The second, obvious, thing is a chair. You need to find an office chair that’s comfortable to sit in. Something that won’t cause you any back trouble and that has an adjustable height. Once you’ve found the perfect office chair, your home office is nearly complete.

Last, but not least, consider what equipment/office supplies you’ll need. Starting with the supplies, you’ll want to have the obvious things like pens, paper and staplers. Then, think about the equipment you require. More likely than not, you’ll want a PC or laptop for your office. Generally speaking, PC’s are the better choice because they have better specs. But, if you want a laptop then that makes a great, portable, option too. Just make sure you buy a computer that’s good for business use. Also, think about printers, scanners and photocopiers. You can normally pick up a device that can perform all three actions. This means you only need one machine, and it will do the job of three machines. So, it saves a lot of space.

At the end of the day, both of these options are great choices for your spare room. Don’t let a room go to waste, turn it into something new!


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