My Guide To Keeping Fit In London For Less


As many of you might already know, I’m always on the lookout for ways to stay fit and healthy. And, I also have an eye for a bargain. Recently, I’ve been looking around the web for some inspiration for some new – and cheap – keep fit ideas, and I thought I would share them with you. Whether you are just starting out on a new health regime or want to push yourself that little bit further, there is plenty here for all. Let’s take a look at what I have found for you.

Get back on the saddle

I was in Soho the other day and popped into Shinola to look at some bags that had caught my eye. However, as soon as I walked in, my eyes were drawn to something else entirely: an incredibly gorgeous bicycle. Now, it’s been far too long since I have ridden a bike in earnest, but I think I might just climb into the saddle again. I’m very lucky to live in London because the vast majority of places are accessible by bike. There aren’t many enormous hills to scale, and it’s often quicker to cycle than it is to drive. Of course, you do need to be careful on the busy roads, but you can avoid them if you know where you’re going. Fancy joining me?

Free fitness classes

If you’re going to two or three fitness classes every week, it can chew into your finances, fast. So, why not trade one in for one of the many free classes that are run by some of the major sports brands? Nike, Reebok, Asics and many more all host free sessions at their fitness hubs. It’s a great way of saving a little money – and you should get to meet some new people, too. Time Out have a great guide to freebie classes, so check it out and find somewhere near you.

Get on the fitness trail

If you don’t mind the cold and wet during the winter months (and some of the summer ones, too!) then make use of some of London’s finest fitness trails. There are many outdoor gyms that you can use for the princely sum of zilch, and, as you get fitter, you could even run between them for a great workout. There are gyms in Battersea Park, Primrose Hill and many other places – head over to Muddy Plimsolls for a great little map. One thing to be aware of, though – these outdoor gyms can get busy, especially during lunchtimes. It might be best to use them early in the morning.

Say hello to Parkrun

Parkrun are a very cool organisation that hold 5K runs on a regular basis – for free. There are always loads going on in London, so keep an eye on their events page. All you need to do is turn up, and keep track of your personal best. Over time, you’ll soon be smashing your best times and becoming a faster, fitter runner.

Well, that’s all we have time for right now. Let me know if you hear about any free sports sessions anywhere in the capital – I’m always looking for new ways to workout

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