Are crystal chandeliers in style?


Crystal chandeliers have long been popular among homeowners thanks to their elegance, opulence and characteristic sparkle. But are these ornate light fittings still in style or have they had their day in the world of interior design?

Traditional designs that never fall out of favour

It’s true that crystal chandeliers aren’t exactly avant-garde. In fact, they’ve been around for hundreds of years in various different guises. However, like all true design classics, they refuse to fall out of favour. These decorative lighting accessories can still make a style statement today despite the fact that they’re nothing new. Traditional designs represent the ultimate in luxury and they have the power to instantly transform otherwise dull rooms into decadent spaces. Lighting specialists such as The Lighting Superstore offer a range of traditional designs that have a timeless elegance and unsurpassable sense of grandeur.  From candlestick creations to circular ceiling plates with crystal droplets, there’s no shortage of options to choose from.

These fittings can work well in a range of different rooms, but they’re best in living rooms and dining rooms, and they can also make a bold statement in large stairways.

A contemporary twist

As well as the old, crystal chandeliers can offer a flavour of the new. Contemporary twists on these home design classics share the splendour of more traditional designs but are brought bang up to date thanks to their more unusual shapes. They also often feature finishing touches of chrome to given them an even more sleek and modern look. Examples include elegant glass rods suspended from chrome plates and delicate spiral pendants. Light fittings like these can form a stunning centrepiece in modern, minimalist homes.

Achieving the best results

So, far from being an interior design throwback, crystal chandeliers are at the height of home design fashion. However, if you’re to achieve the best results, you’ll need to choose these light fittings carefully. For example, while these accessories are meant to be grand, if you get the sizing wrong, there is a risk they will be overbearing. So, before you buy these products, measure the space you intend to hang them in to ensure your chandelier is suitably proportioned.

As long as you take care to select the right designs for your home, you can rest assured these light fittings will make a superb addition to your rooms. Even better, they are guaranteed carry on looking great for decades to come.

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