How I Manage to Save the Pennies When I Go Clothes Shopping

Like most ladies, I love to go shopping, but I’m forever shuddering at the prices. So I’ve developed some great methods to save myself valuable pennies when I go shopping. Check them out and try to put them into practice yourself.

I Set a Budget

My first piece of advice to you would be to always make sure you set a budget. I do this before I even leave the house. I sit down and decide what I want to buy. And it doesn’t matter if I’m getting shoes for this summer or a coat for the coming winter. I always make sure I set a budget. This means I know exactly what I can spend, and how much I have to play with. By not setting a budget you’re going to end up overspending and coming home with bags of things you don’t need. Believe me, I’ve done it!


Always Shop the Sales

I can’t stress this enough ladies – always make sure you shop the sales. There will always be sales on no matter what time of year it is. And a lot of the time you’re going to find that you can get really great bargains by using the sales. You might even think about buying stuff off-season as I sometimes do. For instance, as we move into winter some stores will start to put their summer stock on sale to get rid of it. This is the perfect opportunity to buy some bits for next year at knockdown prices. But I’m sure there will be current seasonal stuff on sale as well.

Remember to Use Vouchers

These days it seems like there are vouchers and coupons that can be used for anything. And this is great because it means that there are money saving opportunities out there. It’s just a case of us finding them. Now, I like go online and check out the range of vouchers that are on offer. Click here and you can browse them yourself. There’s no good reason to not make use of vouchers nowadays. These are essentially free discounts that are just lying there waiting to be used. And the stigma surrounding discount vouchers is no longer around these days. I always make sure I have plenty of vouchers with me whenever I go shopping, and you should do the same.

Check Out Charity Shops

Okay, before you turn your nose up at me I should tell you that charity shops are a gold mine! So many of us ladies look down on the idea of shopping in charity shops. But you need to try to get past this opinion. I used to be the same, but I have discovered that charity shops are an untapped resource. Sure, you’re not going to find anything nice in most of these places. But there will be one of two things you might find that you really like. Experience tells me that we’re going to end up paying much less for charity shop garments. So don’t you dare discount charity shops as a way of saving money!

We all love to go shopping; as women it’s in our DNA. But the problem is money is so much tighter these days. And a lot of clothes seem to be getting more expensive. So we’ve always got to look for new and improved ways to save money when we shop. I’ve listed mine here for you, so try them out and let me know how you get on.

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