3 home decorating tips to get a luxury look for less


Renovating your home within a reasonable budget can be difficult, especially when construction is included. Sometimes your ideal choices of materials and pieces may be unaffordable. However, there are ways to get luxury for less, either by investing in your future needs or with look-alike alternatives.

Kitchen worktops

Expert suppliers of kitchen worktops in luxury materials, like Modern Worktops, aim to encourage buyers to pay extra for quartz or granite worktops. Rather than choosing the mildly more affordable wood options, the advantage of stone is its durability, resilience and longevity.

Formed naturally, granite, quartz and marble are all beautiful looking kitchen worktop materials. They are also heat proof and chip resistant. Quartz comes with a hygienic bonus as natural gaps in the stone are sealed.

However, the cost that comes with stone worktops means that many seek out a cheaper option. For the look of granite, use upper end laminate. The cheaper the laminate the weaker the material, so mid-range sheets in a style of your preference will give the illusion of stone without the cost.


A good rug, with a stylish design and soft feel, will cost several hundred pounds. But a great rug can cost over a thousand. Bespoke rug designers like Bazaar Velvet specialise in providing a superior selection for those seeking the very best. Not only are the materials of the finest quality, but the hand-knotted construction is as much an art as the design of the rugs.

While a stunning rug like theirs would be an investment and sure to last a lifetime, you simply might not be able to afford it. That doesn’t mean that a good, well designed and durable enough rug is out of reach. Rugs make for great accents in a home so getting one that suits your house is important.

John Lewis’ range of rugs starting at the overly affordable end for less than £100, then move up to several hundred. For a classic look rug in ornate patterns and a close weave, you’ll be looking at around £600 on average. But for a more modern, arty print rug, you can find great choices in the £250 to £350 range.


Your furnishings will be one of the most important finishing touches for you home. For example, without somewhere to lounge on your evenings in, you might as well not have a living room. But, as with rugs and kitchen worktops, after other big renovations, you might not have the funds for expensive furnishings.

While companies like Argos and Mahahome offer affordable furnishings, an even cheaper alternative is to try using Gumtree or Freecycle. If you are quick and willing to make the trip to collect them these can be great bargains.

Once you have your furnishings, you can either keep them as is or, if possible, get them reupholstered for a cheap price. Doing your own upholstering or using a local seamstress could save you hundreds and allow you to find the perfect pattern from a wholesaler.

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