5 Quick Tips for Boosting Skin Health


Healthy skin is beautiful skin, but sometimes it can be all-too-easy to ditch a step in our skincare regimen here and there. The skin care experts over at www.skincarebyalana.com are firm believers that what you put on your skin is only half the battle, which is why I want to share these 5 quick tips for boosting skin health with you!

Quick Tip #1 – Apply (and Reapply) Your SPF – Sun protection seems to be a pretty engrained practice in today’s skincare/makeup world, but how many of you can honestly say you diligently reapply? The typical rule of thumb is to slather one your SPF once every two hours when you are relaxing in indirect sunlight, and at least once an hour if you are sweating or soaking beach/poolside in direct sunlight. While applying SPF in the morning is a great first step, it does not protect you throughout the day, so be sure to find a reapplication method that works for you and stick to it! A huge trend as of recently has been powdered sunscreen, and we are also seeing an emergence of sunscreen infused makeup setting sprays hitting the market as well!

Quick Tip #2 – Try Exfoliating – If you have not jumped on board the exfoliating train, there is no better time than now! Exfoliating does so many things for you skin, and helps to deliver both immediate and long-term results. In the short term, you can expect to see brighter, healthier skin. This is the result of sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal the fresh skin underneath. In the long-term you can expect a smoother, more even skin tone! This is because exfoliation helps to stimulate cellular turnover, and also allows your products to penetrate your skin much better.

Quick Tip # 3 – Get Your Hands on a Primer – Though primers have gained some traction in the makeup/skincare world, the honest truth is that many people still are not embracing them. Why? Because it is yet another step in their makeup/skincare routine – though a totally worthwhile one in my opinion. If large pores, oiliness, or uneven skin are an issue for you, primers can be a great quick fix. Good primers help to fill in enlarged pores and fine lines, and even out skin tone, in an effort to give you a beautiful canvas. A common misconception is that you must wear a foundation over your primer, which is not so! Enjoy a loose setting powder or powdered SPF for lighter coverage, and beautiful results. A quick tip: don’t be afraid in invest in a good primer. Some of the best formulas not only help to make your skin look beautiful, but contain ingredients that will help contribute to skin health in the long term!

Quick Tip #4 – Two Words: Eye Cream – This is yet another step that many people seem to overlook, but definitely shouldn’t. The right eye cream can take you for tired looking, to fresh and vibrant in a matter of minutes, while delivering a dose of moisture and nutrients to your skin. The skin around your eyes is some of the most delicate skin on your body, so it is important to preventative care.

Quick Tip #5 – Always Do a Test Strip – There are way too many people who get a new product and confidently slather it on their face, eager to see the results. The fault in this is that you never know how you will react to a new product. While things often turn out just fine, it is very possible to have a negative reaction, which can range from minor to major. Rather than diving right in, be sure to apply a test strip 24-48 hours in advance. You can do this by swiping a small amount of the product along your jaw line (somewhere you can easily see) and waiting to see if any reaction occurs.


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