What to buy your boyfriend this Christmas


Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Putting it off till the last possible day? I know how you feel. We all know how hard it is to buy presents for everyone this time of year.

The toughest choice of all: trying to decide what to get your other half. Whether you want the element of surprise, or you straight up ask them what they want, the result is pretty much the same. Neither of you know what they want.

To make things even more complicated, you’ll need to figure out exactly how much to spend on him based on how long you’ve been together for. Sure, you might want to spoil him, but nothing screams ‘too keen’ more than getting your boyfriend an all-expenses paid luxury holiday to the Bahamas two weeks into the relationship.

But don’t worry about it, take a look at this handy buyers’ guide. Covering what to buy your boyfriend this Christmas, whatever his interests, however long you’ve been together!

First Day – First Month

Fashion: Might seem like a boring choice, but I can’t stress this point enough – Men always need socks. At least now they’ll have some good quality ‘going out’ socks without any holes in them.

Toys: Funko Pop Figures are perfect for any geeks workspace, Funko Pop have an array of cool characters to choose. From Star Wars to Star Trek, The Walking Dead to Game of Thrones, WWE to UFC, they’re sure to have a figure for anyone’s tastes.

First Month – Six Months

Aftershave: Might seem like an obvious choice, but never underestimate the power of a great quality aftershave.

Toys: Battlefield 1. Perfect for anyone with a games console, this will be one of the most popular Christmas gifts for 2016, I guarantee it. This top-rated game lets you experience all-out warfare, fighting your way through epic battles from the First World War.

Six Months – First Year

Fashion: Let be honest, near enough anything a woman buys for her man he will wear without questioning. Wrap him up warm this winter in a stylish jumper or hoody from Intense Clothing.

Toys: Evershop Bluetooth Smartwatch. A quality gadget, for a fraction of the price of most on the market. This smartwatch is compatible with IOS and Android so it can be linked with your phone with ease.

First Year – Second Year

Fashion: Designer shoes is always a good choice. Whether men like to admit it or not, they’re just an obsessed with shoes as we are. These suede-finish Mallet footwear are perfect for any man’s shoe collection.

Toys: Every nerd worth their salt has thought once or twice about how cool it would be to have their own robot – with this BB-8 toy they now can. Can be controlled through your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Good luck getting any attention off them after this.

Second Year – Onwards

Fashion: A watch is a big gesture but let’s face it, but after the two year mark we’d say you’re in pretty deep. Whether it’s a leather or metal strap, there’s plenty of stylish designs that would look good on any man’s’ wrist.

Toys: Sound Bars are a fantastic gift for any home. Whether used for your TV, or linking up to your music collection, this present is sure to add that extra punch to your audio.

So, are you ready to start shopping?


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