How to recreate your favourite TV and movie weddings



Every great wedding has a theme. Some are dictated by colour or the venue, others by a shared interest or passion of both partners. But no matter what you choose, it’s important to follow a theme that means something to you. Here’s your opportunity to include that special little nod to your personal favourite moments from TV and film.

Below, we help you pick the venue, the theme and, of course, the dress to recreate your favourite TV and movie weddings.

Fleur and Bill, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1

When Fleur and everyone’s favourite Weasley (sorry, Ron) tied the knot at the beginning of the seventh film, it was a magical wonderland of loving, homely comforts we just yearned to be a part of. Yes, the big day ended in a little bit of a hoo haa (what with the Dark Lord descending an’ all), but as the only wedding to feature throughout the entire HP series, it certainly didn’t disappoint!

The Venue: We’ve found something really special with Sandon Hall, a stately home wedding venue which also offers tipi weddings. It’s the perfect nod to the marquee at the Burrow, which had “rows and rows of fragile golden chairs set on either side of a long purple carpet. The supporting poles were entwined with white and gold flowers.”

The Theme: Well, we can’t quite match those self-filling glasses, but this one was all about the hand-made effects, good food and mis-matched furniture. Our recommendation? It’s time to get crafty! From homemade fudge favours to recycled jam jar centerpieces, here’s some token inspiration for you.

The Dress: Fleur, as always, stole the show in an elegant black and white number. It can be a difficult look to pull off without seeming too grunge, but lace and embroidery detail or a simple belt can add a real touch of old Hollywood class. Here’s the perfect guide to black and white wedding gowns.

Phoebe and Mike, Friends (s10 e12)

Despite the ups and downs, this adorable pair knew they were meant to be together forever. Phoebe and Mike’s outdoor ceremony during a blizzard was beautiful, even if wedding planner Monica got a little power hungry. After lots of shenanigans, Chandler walked Phoebe down the aisle, Joey officiated, Ross held the groomsmen dog Chappy, and the most free-spirited of all the Friends officially tied the knot.

The Venue: Sun, rain or snow, a street party wedding can be a little bit of a challenge to pull off, but the Lamb’s Tavern offers a fantastic best-of-both worlds venue within London’s famous interior street, Leadenhall Market.

The Theme: Well, it was all about the snow. We suggest a perfect winter wonderland, complete with half-melted ice sculpture, of course! Here’s a beautifully snowcovered pinterest collection for inspiration.

The Dress: There was just a touch of pearly pastel colour to the bride and bridesmaids’ dresses we loved. The top tip from fashion mag Cosmo is to decide whether you want to go monochrome or mixed, neutral or bright with your pastels. If you’re after a sophisticated look, its best to stick with a simple palette. With that in mind, here are some real pastel beauties for your wedding.

Leslie and Ben, Parks and Recreation (s5 e14)

Even though Leslie and Ben’s wedding was thrown together last minute, it was perfect in every way. From rings crafted by Ron to a dress Ann made out of important documents from Leslie’s career—we loved it and we liked it. Of course, Councilman Jamm tried to ruin the festivities, but instead he only made it better, forcing a venue change to Leslie’s favorite place: City Hall.

The Venue: Well, this one’s easy! Local town halls are simple venues for all things marriage and civil partnerships! Some are incredibly grand, like Manchester Town Hall, but in a way the key here is to find a town hall local and/or important to you.

The Theme: Leslie and Ben had a bit of a work-vibe going on (it was their office, after all) but that rustic, simple arbour under which they said ‘I do’ was a lovely focal point. A wedding arch really transforms a space.

The Dress: We’ve never really seen a dress as personal as this one! If you have the skills, check out this DIY guide here, or consider a bespoke dress like the one sported by Angelina Jolie!

Bella and Edward, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, part I

It took four feature-length films to get there, but Bella and Edward’s wedding was one of the most anticipated events to hit the big screen all year. Despite a false start nightmare that ended in a bloodbath, the actual event was a real picturesque fairytale. With flowers cascading from the trees above, wooden benches for guests to sit, this was the ultimate romantic wedding scene.

The Venue: If your garden isn’t quite big enough to accommodate a weddings-worth of guests, take a look at this run down of the UK’s best woodland wedding venues here.

The Theme: Everything about this wedding was beautifully au naturale, dressed with delphiniums of white and green. For a real insight, read and interview with the film’s wedding set designer here.

The Dress: Bella sported a custom Carolina Herrera gown, but you can now get an exact replica all for yourself! If you prefer something a little more subtle, take a look at these gorgeous lace back dresses for inspiration.

The Red Wedding, Game of Thrones (s3 e9)

This one was such a shocker few of us can even remember who it was that actually got married (it was Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey, apparently). The inexorable event begins with the first notes of the ominous “Rains of Castamere” and only ends after Catelyn watches (spoiler alert) her son Robb die before she meets the same fate. But with all the drama of the reception, there’s plenty of fodder here to inspire any medieval-esque wedding.

The Venue: The events of the wedding were supposedly inspired by the Black Dinner that took place at Edinburgh Castle in 1440. So where better to stage your (murder-free) recreation? There are also similar castle venues a-plenty across The North.

The Theme: No, not ‘Red’. We’d go instead for a little more of a medieval twist, with a banquet to feast on as the main event.

The Dress: The costume designers who work on Game of Thrones aren’t the biggest fans of white, and it’s a tradition that can’t be traced that far through our history, either. But if you’re not quite up for ditching the glowing gown altogether, why not try a renaissance or pagan gown style gown?

Juliette and Peter, Love Actually

Juliet and Peter are married in a traditional church ceremony that is a real anchor tying together many of the disparate story lines in this Christmas classic. Mark, the best man, promises no funny business on their wedding day, but as they walk down the aisle as husband and wife, a singer, choir and band appear performing “All You Need Is Love”.

The Venue: Church weddings come in all shapes and sizes, and generally, you can marry in a church regardless of your beliefs. If there’s a place of worship that’s special to you, be it a church, temple, synagogue or mosque, it can be so much more than just a venue.

The Theme: There are professional groups who can recreate the magical ‘All You Need Is Love’ moment, or (literally) band your mates together for that added personal touch.

The Dress: Juliette’s early noughties gown was, well, interesting to say the least. It’s bang on trend for the times, certainly not off-the-rack, and Keira Knightley wears it well—even if the rest of us would look like a sack of turnips. Still, how about a similarly sheer, long sleeved gown, perfect for a traditional church wedding? Or if you insist on quirky, how about this t-shirt wedding dress? (Feathers optional, of course.)


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