Dreaming Of The Manor’s Life? Home Renovation Projects For A Luxury Feel

Do you find yourself dreaming of a bigger and better house and wondering whether you could one day afford an old country house with rooms just big enough for all your dreams? Sometimes, the dream of a luxury look can be easily tackled with some clever décor tips. And some other times, your heart needs more than a change of decoration to see the luxurious comfort of your home. Whether you are planning to sell or to continue to live in the same house, there are thankfully some clever home renovation projects that can immediately increase the value of your house and make you feel like a king in Versaille. All you need for the day to be complete is to hire a butler! Missing that, you can still have a look at these three luxurious renovation ideas.


Better Light For An Amazing Scenery

It might seem difficult to believe, but the feeling of living in a luxury house comes from very simple things. First of all, it is about the quality of the light in the house. This refers to two specific factors: Your light fixtures and your windows. You will find a lot of large and impressive ceiling lights that have the 1930s feel to them in most DIY shops. There is a revival of the Art Nouveau design and décor style, which is great because this is the last great period of luxury in the story of home décors. When it comes to windows, you will need to check your Home Glass And Glazing options to be able to create large area of natural sunlight inside your house. Large windows are best suited for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and home offices, for example. They can completely change the atmosphere in the room.

A Modern Bathroom That Plays With Space

Interestingly enough, the next room that can make a big difference if you renovate it is the bathroom. Naturally, besides checking your plumbing systems, it is about creating a new spacious feeling in the bathroom. This calls for a minimalist approach, which means a strong focus on the core function of the space: You will need a shower unit and a bathroom cabinet to make it work. Consequently, as you can simplify the arrangement in the room, you can have more budget to invest in a modern looking bathroom. Pick a high-quality shower with a glass panel to stop the water from going into the room. This will create a sensation of depth.

Amazing Living Rooms

Finally, the last piece of advice is about bringing into your living rooms the comfort of an old manor house. If you happen to have a fireplace in the room, do make the most of it by clearing up the space in front of it. This will make the fire appear bigger. But more importantly, the choice of the sofa will determine how the room feels. You will need to pick a large leather piece that completely fills one side of the room. This will immediately give a sentiment of depth and comfortable intimacy. Most homeowners, when they start looking for large leather solutions, will need to consider the tailored services of a professional sofa artisan to create the best effect.

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