All Hands On Deck: A Guide To Getting A Wonderful Outdoor Space

Most people have some sort of space in their garden where they sit out and enjoy the fresh air. For many, this aspect is a deck. But so many people aren’t making the best out of this garden feature. A few old deck chairs and a plastic table really is a poor show, when you can actually make this space into an outdoor room in which to spend some wonderful quality time. So if your deck needs a little TLC, read on for some DIY suggestion that will give it more of a wow factor.


Most decks require somewhere to sit or lie down, so that means you need to get the seating right. But what is the best sort of seating for your deck? Well, partly that is dependent on the space you have. Small decks won’t be able to house as much seating as the larger ones, so it’s important to get as many seats in as you can, but without overcrowding the space.

A good option for this is to use outdoor bean bags and stools. These are relatively small, but still comfortable, and can be moved around easily to enable flexible seating plans and numbers.


For larger decks, there is more of choice. Some folks prefer the more traditional wrought iron garden seating, as it is is more elaborate and decorative. Then others go for wooden tables and chairs, especially if they are planning on holding a lot of parties and BBQs. While some folks that are looking for more of an outdoor living room vibe may go for wicker or reed furniture.


Although decks are outside, they still need to have some decoration to make them as pleasant as possible. Some people choose to mainly do this by using potted plants.

These work well because they are attractive, but also echo the rest of the garden around them. Although garden sculptures and wind chimes can also make the perfect addition to an attractive deck.


An important aspect of making your deck a successful one, where you want to spend a lot of time, is getting the lighting right. If you have an unlit deck, then you are relying only on the light that is coming from inside your house. This isn’t always enough to make it a practical space once the sun goes down.

So, instead why not get creative with your lighting options? For example, you can install Decking Lights for walls and flooring, into the actual deck itself. So then the edges are lit. This provides both a safety feature and lights the area you will be spending time in.

Or you can use fairy lights in the surrounding trees and shrubbery.  These will provide a much more gentle glow than deck lights but can give you that magical garden look, that is so popular at the moment.

A little luxury

Lastly, another way of improving your deck space so that everyone wants to spend more time to there is to install a few luxury items.


Consider a hot tub, which is certain to elevate the level of your deck to wow! Or if that is a little too expensive, what about installing an outdoor heater so you can stay outside chatting no matter what the weather?


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