Modern Chef: How To Add Drama To Your Kitchen



At the heart of every home lies the Kitchen.  It is a sort of gathering place for the family.  An area we spend time doing what we love, eating! It is also usually the busiest zone at house parties, a social hub filled with laughter, stories and sometimes tears.

With that in mind, it makes sense that your kitchen is a reflection of you.  Whether you are a party goer, a homebird or you appreciate the minimal glory of simplistic life.  There are loads of ways to get more out of this brilliant room than just great eats.

One of the most obvious places to start is with your work tops.  You might be a messy individual but to make your kitchen inviting there needs to be some kind of order.  If you take a look at celebrity chefs they all have their own unique style.  Nigella Lawson tends to go for uncluttered space with a large, impressive selection of cookbooks sitting along one of the biggest bookshelves you will ever see.  It instantly makes a statement.  Cooking is my life.  Rachel Khoo, owner of The Little Paris Kitchen, a restaurant she opened in her own studio flat in france, opts for a more messy style.  With an eccentric mishmash of wall tiles and more wooden spoons than the western world combined.  There is nothing modern about her kitchen and this is reflective in her food.  She favours the traditional french cuisine.  Deep rolling flavours and a glorious muddle on your tongue.

One thing that is apparent throughout all the different styles is that clean is the fashion of them all.  So however you want to style your worktops, busy and full or methodically organised, get scrubbing and ensure your guests aren’t backing away from your baked on spills or crumby corners.

Light can make the smallest kitchen look big and really pack a punch.  A variable light source is best so you can have complete brightness when you are getting up close to a tricky oyster, or a more warm and friendly glow hinting towards the candle lit dinner.  It pays to consider bespoke lighting design if you want to create something really unique.  If you host a lot of parties you can have multicoloured LED lights installed and these can be hooked up to your music system so they change to the beats of the bass! Giving you an awesome party like vibe in the coolest room of your house.  It’s worth having a quick look at these home decorating tips for inspiration

Finally, display your food! From the glorious fruit bowl filled with dramatic colour and exotic samples to the gentle aroma of hanging smoked garlic.  There are loads of ways you can use your food stock to add a little theatre to your kitchen.  Think outside of the box and make this a focal point for your friends to gather around and chat about.  Glass vases filled with different grains or pastas can look just as cool as a piece of art.  Just think about how long your perishables have been on show.  No one wants to see your mouldy bananas for the third week running!



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