Sit Down And Shut Off: Making Your Living Room Your Special Zone


Do you know what the most important room for your soul and spirit is in your entire household?

It’s your lounge or living room. There’s no other room in your entire household that you will head towards if you’re in need of a much-needed chill-out.

And you should be chilling out.

A tiny bit of stress is a good thing – just the right amount can grant the adrenaline that can boost you through a long day at the office when work is really piling up, what’s more, it can help you with exercise and other tasks. While it can feel really good to endure pressure, when stress builds up, serious issues can occur. It might be better to simply relax.

Stress is easily our biggest concern. It is linked to so many serious health complications ranging from heart issues, to strokes and dementia.

Work is going to stand still for you, not at all. You need to meet deadlines, and your personal life always has the chance to throw a spanner into the works, that is why you need a place to decompress. The living room is perfect for that. You need to find the time to relax, so create the perfect space for it.

You don’t need to stick to a design philosophy here, but it helps. If you’re going to craft your lounge into your special place having an eye for design will allow you to improve the aesthetic of the room, as well as its function.

Start with a clear out, you don’t need to be a minimalist here, but if you’ve hoarded lots of items into your living room, you need to take the time to assess what you need and what you don’t need. If you really don’t need things, sell them and use the money to fund your lounge revamp. If there are no buyers, try giving the items away to charitable causes. Your living room should reflect you, so fill it with your favorite interests There’s nothing better than decompressing in a room that is truly yours. Fill it with your interests and hobbies, but don’t get to the point where you’re back at square one, having hoarded loads of goods.

A new sofa is the perfect upgrade for your living room as you can really sink into it and let go with a good book. A leather chesterfield sofa combines luxury with comfort and will make an amazing addition to your new look living room.

Hang up some art as well. Find some pieces that really speak to you and lose yourself in them from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with decorating. Also, a quirky plant like a bonsai tree can do wonders for your peace of mind.

Your living room shouldn’t be a zany messy place, it should be your zone to relax in. Improve it with simple additions and start enjoying the little things in life.


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