Want A House Of Your Own? Break Those Bad Financial Habits & Fix Your Credit Score!

Whether you’re currently living at home with your parents or are in rented accommodation, if you dream of having your own one day, you need to start planning. The fact is that buying a home of your own isn’t a quick and easy process; there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Of course, one of the most important parts of buying a house of your own is ensuring that you are financially able to. It’s not just about saving up a deposit or having a good job; there’s more to it than that – your finances need to be in tip-top shape. So, with that in mind, below is a guide to how you can fix any financial habits that could hold you back when it comes to buying a house.

Be a saver, not a spender


First things first, if you’re someone who likes to spend a lot of money on unnecessary items, then you need to change that. In order to be able to buy a house of your own, you need to save up a deposit. To do that, you need to learn to be a saver, not a spender. This means only spending money on the essentials, not splurging on unnecessary buys. Open a savings account and ensure that you put a certain amount of money into it each month. Whether it’s £50 or £300, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you get into the habit of saving money each month. Aim to put away whatever you can afford, and only spend on necessities.

Get to grips with how mortgages work

Part of preparing to buy a house of your own is taking the time to get to grips with how mortgages work. The chances are that you know what a mortgage is – a loan to buy a property, but do you know what it takes to get one? A lot of people are unsure of how the mortgage application process works and what it takes to be successful. Whether or not a mortgage application is successful, depends on a range of factors, from how much you earn to your credit score. If you’re unsure of what constitutes a good credit score and are wondering what is the highest possible credit score, you can read up online to find out. Then, once you know what score you should aim for, you can start improving it, increasing your chances of mortgage application success.

Clear your debts

Very few mortgage companies will touch anyone who already has debt. So if you want to ensure that your mortgage application is successful, you need to clear each and every one of your debts before applying. As that way, you up your chances of being approved for a mortgage, so even if it means the process takes longer, it’s worth it. As if you’re rejected for one mortgage, it makes your chances of success in the future lower, as mortgage companies check to see if applicants have applied and been rejected before.

So there you have it, a guide to breaking those bad financial habits and fixing your credit score, ready for when you apply for a mortgage to buy a house of your own.


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