Couple’s Workouts: Yea Or Nay?

It’s that happy time of year when we all try and stick to resolutions and maintain motivation for longer than 2 weeks. If you’re still going with a new exercise regime, well done! You’ve made it a lot further than many people. If your motivation levels are dwindling by the day, you may be thinking about varying your workouts, but have you considered embracing the new trend of couple’s workouts? Here are some of the pros and cons to consider.


The pros

You get your own cheerleader

When you work out with your partner, you’ll have your own cheerleader to encourage you and push you that little bit further. If you’ve got someone there to give you that extra boost you’re likely to get more out of the sessions.

Moral support

Rocking up to the gym on your own can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re not a seasoned athlete. If you go with your other half, you’ve got a workout buddy straight away, and you’ll probably feel more comfortable.


If you have fun while you exercise, you’re much more likely to stick at it and want to go back to the gym on a regular basis. If you’re listening to music together, chatting, and having a laugh, the time will fly by, and you won’t consider your workouts a chore.

Joint celebrations

The couple that trains together can celebrate together. After a hard week at work and giving it our all in the gym, you can enjoy a well-earned treat together at the weekend. You can bask in the bliss of knowing that you’ve earned that takeaway or a 3-course feast at your favourite restaurant.

The cons

Your appearance

Many people feel self-conscious about how they look when they work out. Let’s face it, being bright red and sweaty isn’t everyone’s idea of their best look. If you’ve been together for a long time, you probably don’t mind him seeing you with sweaty hair and rosy cheeks, and you can put up with him being one of the grubbiest men in the gym. However, if it’s a relatively new relationship, you may not be ready to let your guard down just yet.

Different interests

If you’re working out together, you need to find activities that you both enjoy. If you love the cardio machines, but your partner prefers to lift weights, you’re probably both going to lose interest if you try and do similar programmes. If you do have different interests, you could work out at the same time, but follow separate plans. You may also find that you have different levels of fitness, and this can make it tough to train together. If you’re finding everything a challenge, and your partner’s skipping through the workout with no problem, this could also make you feel less confident.

If you’re a fan of Instagram, you may have come across images of couples working out together. It may look cosy and glamorous on the images, but would you really want to work up a sweat at the gym with your other half? Hopefully, this article has helped you to decide whether to say yea or nay to feeling the burn together.


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