Bedroom Basics: How To Design Them Right



Designing any room in the home can be an exciting, interesting, exhausting, and rewarding experience. A lot of the time, you get a theme in mind and want to stick to that. However, it can also be an idea to note down a few important functions for each of the rooms in your house. While your living room space might be saved for rest, or togetherness and family time, what do you immediately think of when it comes to the bedroom? Sleep! So, when you’re working on bedroom design, try to channel all of your energy into creating a sleep-inducing effect.

The Feel

Design does matter, but when you’re creating your bedroom, it’s the idea of achieving a calming space that is the most important factor. You can create a room that promotes sleep, and still looks stylish. But, if you focus on fashion over function, you may struggle ever to get a decent night’s sleep. To achieve the right sleep inspiring vibe, you need to focus on serenity and do what you can to avoid clutter, stress, and anything too stimulating.

The Bed

Alongside the overall feel, you try to create in your bedroom, it’s important that your bed is perfect for sleeping. It can be tempting to opt for the cheapest style or something that works well with your taste, but it’s more important to make sure that it’s comfortable and will support you to sleep. It’s the same for your little ones too. Whether you’re looking for a new mattress for you or beds for toddlers from Cuckooland, you’re going to want to make sure your choice is right.

pexels-photo-90319The Space

Next up is the layout. Although you might be tempted to cram a lot of furniture into a small space, it’s important to keep the primary function of your bedroom in mind. If the room feels chaotic and small, it may hinder your sleep levels. Instead, you want the room to facilitate sleep – so it needs to have a calming, open presence. If you can, try to keep dressing facilities or working areas in another room in the house.

The Colour

You might think that color is a big part of the design or aesthetics. And while it may be, it can actually have a big impact on the overall feeling of a room. There are certain soothing colors that you might choose to use in your bedroom in order to facilitate sleep. They’re a much better choice over harsher, more brash colors, as they will aid you in your relaxation, rather than prevent it.

The Furniture

And then there’s the furniture. If you’re stuck for space, then you might find that you have to add storage and dressing facilities into your bedroom. If that’s the case, then you’re going to want to make sure that they’re as understated and as minimal as possible. That way, clutter, and chaos won’t affect the calming vibe that you’re trying to create; instead, the room will appear polished, minimal, and channel a sound sleepy feeling.


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