Funky Fixture Ideas For Your New Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of a home. It’s where all the activity for meals happens and it’s most of the time the place the gossip happens when you invite your mum over. Celebrating having a kitchen installed should be done in style and it should include you injecting a little personality into your home. You may be a dab hand at sorting out your bedroom – your haven – but what about the busiest room in the house? It’s not one that can be changed around on a whim, so you have to make some serious decisions about your upgrades. Be funky, but be thoughtful in your endeavour.

Installing a brand-new kitchen is a big job and can take an awful lot of time to be properly fitted. It’s not just the few days that the builders will be ripping one kitchen out, it’s the replacement fittings and cupboards going into the kitchen that you’ll have to live with. So, this means you will be well-deserving of a treat and that treat should come in the form of some quirky fixtures for your kitchen. Swerve convention and favour the unique and original with some of these excellent fixtures ideas:

  • If you love the bare wood look, head to your local timber yard for some pallets. Pallet furniture is becoming SO popular, as are floating shelves made from pallet wood. Not into pallets? The yard will still have some fantastic finds and you can create beautiful and original tables out of discarded wood. Call in a carpenter to help if you must, but invest some time and elbow grease into creating something truly unique for your home.
  • Trawling the antique and junk shops and car boot sales for gems is a fun hobby that most people love doing and on their travels, they find some serious treasures. Boost the look of your kitchen by adding in lampshades and old display cabinets that ooze vintage fun!
  • Love to go a little modern? How about installing in some funky chrome fittings? You could go for a new look sink with a garbage disposal and boiling water taps. Works like a kettle but instantly. Now there’s a little modernism for you!
  • Rather than go for the standard beige or grey, why not choose to install brightly coloured cabinets? You could truly inject a little style into your home by simply choosing a bright and bold colour. If you love red accessories in your kitchen space, go for red doors. It’s a simple concept but one that gives a tired kitchen a refreshed and clean look.


You don’t have to be a genius interior designer to choose new kitchen fittings. All you have to be is yourself. Your home should reflect your personality and if you take the time to choose fixtures that make you stand out from the crowd, you can ensure that your kitchen is the one most talked about among your friends.

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