From Scratch: Is It Worth Building Your Own Furniture?

Of all the home improvements we could do, very few people think about getting into a workshop to make their own furniture or commissioning some work from a reputable vendor. Chances are, if you want to renovate a home you’re probably going to buy furniture from a store such as IKEA or something similar.


But if you want to renovate your house on a budget, or if you want to add a bit of style and customisation to your home, then take a moment to consider building your own. To get you excited for building or commissioning your own furniture, here are a couple of good advantages on why you should.

How to custom make

There are a couple of ways to build your own furniture on a budget. For starters, if you have the necessary power tools and workbenches, you could start working on 2×4 wood and buy a bucket of screws. If you need assistance, you can always look online for furniture plans to help you get started. The other option is to do an “IKEA hack”. Since IKEA furniture always comes flat packed, it means that you can build your own furniture using multiple pieces of IKEA furniture. You could start with a simple desk and install a shelf on top of it, or you can mix and match table legs with tops.


It’s cheaper

Even if you buy from a cheap furniture store, you’re always going to end up paying a premium for a brand name and for labour. If you’re DIY-savvy or if you have friends who are willing to work together and help you, you could create wonderful pieces of custom-made furniture for extremely low prices. All you need is a couple of power tools, some raw materials and then you have all the ingredients to furnish your very own home.

For example, a drawer made from third-party stainless steel drawer slides and some 2×4 wood will cost a fraction of even the cheapest drawers you can buy from IKEA or any other furniture store, and you have the option of customising the dimensions, colours and add other accessories.

Everything will fit

If you have an awkward part of the home, such as a dip in the wall or a slightly uneven floor, you might have trouble installing furniture because it just doesn’t fit. When you have large open rooms, even floors and plenty of ceiling clearance, furnishing a house is very simple. But if you want to make the most use of your space and have everything fit perfectly, you’re going to need to invest in some custom-made furniture.

When you create your own furniture or commission it, you should always get a tape measure and write down some measurements. If you want a desk to sit in an enclosure or specific part of your home, measure it out and draw up a sketch of what you want it to look like before you get to work. If you need shelves at specific heights, or if one leg of a table needs to be slightly taller, then make sure you are writing all of these specific details down so that you or your contractor knows.

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