Lounge Around In Style: Living Room Upgrade Ideas

Picture the scene: You walk through the front door after a long day at work. You hang up your coat and drop the umbrella in the stand. Shoes are kicked off and you walk into the lounge ready to collapse on the sofa. Except that your living room is cluttered. The idea of lounging in a room full of clutter without the correct storage is enough to stress you out instead of relax you! The one room in the house besides the bedroom that is there for you to unwind is the living room. Making some slight upgrades can do it a world of good and following some of these updates, you can give your living room some thoughtful details that will have a huge impact on your life.

Fireplace Room Living Room Chair Interior Table

Change your lighting. If you have a standard central light in the middle of the ceiling, you should rethink this. It’s a common feature in the middle of a lounge, as the light reaches around the room. Mood lighting, however, gives it a room a little something more. Adding lamps around the room or a dimmer switch can make a big difference. Go for glass lampshades or metallic materials to be on trend.

Go natural. If you refinish your floors in hardwood or add a neutral stain to wooden wall panels, you’ll be giving the lounge a natural style. If you want to makeover the living room to look totally natural and you need the help, head over to therenovationcompany.com.au and see whether you could get a consultant on board to help you with all your lounge renovation needs.

Countrify. Installing panelling in your lounge with a lick of white paint can give your home a farmhouse look that adds a bright, homely vibe.

Bring a little outdoors in. Potted plants and vases of flowers are a warm addition to your living room and can really help you relax into your evening. The scent of the flowers alone saves you money on artificial air fresheners, too!

Simple storage solutions. Magazines don’t need to be left laying around with simple bookcases like these ones and basket storage that can match your furnishings. You’ll have a tidier, more stylish lounge to relax in with the right solutions.

Set the mood. We don’t just mean with candles, but your colour palette. You want to be able to feel calm and your surroundings matter so think about whether you want to repaint the walls into something more neutral and muted. Think cream and grey – chic, classy and modern. Accent the colour with thick rugs and pictures on the walls and you can have a wonderfully balanced room.

Lounging around in your living room should be done in style and if you look at your interiors with a serious eye, you could transform the space you unwind at the end of the day to look beautiful and practical all at the same time. Your style matters and whether you renovate the entire room with something brand new, or just dot some scented candles around, reduce the clutter and make the whole room somewhere you want to be.

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