Make Getting Ready A Breeze By Embracing Minimalist Styling

It seems like everywhere we look at the moment, the minimalist trend is lurking. This is a style that has crept into public consciousness slowly over the last couple of years and saw a huge flourish in mid 2016. Now, over half a year on, this style shows no sign of going away. Minimalism, in general, is described as a style which mainly comprises of pared-down design elements – anything considered to be ‘excess’ is simply removed. Some people class themselves as minimalists full stop, going way beyond simply enjoying the style and applying the philosophy to their whole lives.

This can mean that they live in a very simple way – perhaps with only a few items of clothing, the bare minimum in their kitchen cupboards and of course, absolutely no mess or clutter clogging up their homes. While this is a way of life that many people do choose to go down, it is something that requires a lot of dedication and in some cases a complete lifestyle overhaul. So, with that in mind, it’s not a problem if full-scale minimalism isn’t for you. However, there’s nothing to stop you experimenting with the style when it comes to your fashion sense. Minimalism is a great style to adopt partially because it’s so wearable; with muted tones and classic cuts, once you have a few items in your closet you already have a fairly established set of outfits to choose from! Here are some tips on embracing a fresh, minimalist style.


Go through your whole closet

The first step to creating a minimalist wardrobe is to go through your whole closet ruthlessly. Yep, we mean ruthlessly! Take stock of everything you own and separate it all into piles: what you definitely want to keep, what just needs throwing out and what you can donate to charity. Of course, there will be some things you want to keep that don’t specifically fit the mold of a typical minimalist wardrobe, such as block colors and prints. But take into account what you could still work around. For example, a royal blue shirt could still be minimalist if paired with a pair of white tailored trousers and a white blazer. But slogan shirts or anything with a multi-colored pattern doesn’t really tend to fit the vibe. Write down how many grey/black/white pieces you already own and what they are, as these pieces are what you will build your new look around. Look at them as the foundations of an outfit – just as a house needs stable foundations, you also need a base to work with!

Buy less

You may wonder how it is possible to craft a whole new look for yourself without buying a ton of new clothes. But one important aspect of the minimalist trend is spending your money on quality, rather than quantity. The minimalist ethos is all about investment rather than splurging, so be mindful of what you are purchasing and where you are purchasing it. Do you find yourself heading towards cheaper stores on a day out at the mall? There’s nothing wrong with that, of course.

But if the clothes you buy from such places only last you a couple of months before they fade or break, you may want to consider parting with a little more cash on a higher-quality piece of clothing. Make sure you look for tailored pieces when crafting a chic, minimalist look, as this will automatically make it look more expensive, and gives you a timeless silhouette.

Accessorize wisely

Accessorizing a minimalist look means stepping into dangerous territory. On paper, you would think that accessories are a no-go full stop in a minimalist look, because they add interest and ‘fuss’ to an outfit. But, providing you do it with care, there is no reason why you can’t accessories a simple style without the accessories taking over. After all, some accessories are simply integral to our everyday lives, such as womens bags. When choosing a handbag or purse for everyday use, take into account your minimalist style.

Typically, the rule is to stick with black, brown or grey depending on what shade you normally wear – remember, if you are using your bag every day it will need to compliment everything else you are wearing. In terms of jewelry, the phrase ‘less is more’ comes to mind. Going jewelry-free isn’t a must, as a little bit of sparkle here and there can be the thing that ties the minimalist look together. But going overboard can certainly detract from the look as a whole, so only wear one or two pieces at any given time. A simple set of earrings is usually a good bet – something chic such as diamond studs or teardrop earrings. You can sometimes get away with a statement necklace as part of a minimalist outfit, but if you’re going for a big necklace, keep all other jewelry to a minimum.

Forget all about ‘trends.’

Even though minimalism has been a recent trend in itself, this kind of chic style of dressing has actually been around for years. It’s what Parisian women have been famous for for decades, and this look has also graced the street of other fashion capitals such as Milan. It’s other trends you need to watch out for, as they may distract you from your cool and classy style. If you do love a new trend, there’s nothing at all wrong with getting your hands on a couple of new pieces from a collection that really grabs you.

But always bear in mind that trends come and go every season, meaning that soon the piece you love so much could easily be regarded as old hat. Use minimalism as a basis for your daily outfits and then interject a few other trends into that as and when you please. But remember, minimalism is a style, and style never goes out of fashion.


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