Added Value: Up-sell Your Home!


Finally, you’ve heard from the real estate agent. They’ve got a buyer who’s interested, and a viewing’s been booked for tomorrow. You should be excited, but instead, you’re worried, the last time you got an offer it was far too low not to mention an insult to all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve put into making an average house into your dream home!

Present A Blank Canvas

No one wants to walk into a house and trip over kids toys, wonder who’s in all the photos on the walls or see endless books and magazines cluttering surfaces. Pack away anything that’s really personal, cut down family photos by about 50% and make sure you’ve got no paperwork lying around that looks messy. Think of it this way, when you come to sell; you’ll be boxing stuff anyway so doing it now will save you time. Remember, these people are strangers, they aren’t your friends and so need a proper welcome. Have good coffee ready, make sure you’ve popped some fresh flowers in a vase and arranged a plate of biscuits in the kitchen. Light some scented candles but make sure the fragrance isn’t too overpowering a good bet is usually fresh linen or cookie dough.

Bigger, Better, Brighter

Yes, you might love using low energy bulbs but now’s not the time to have them. Swap them out for full strength ones, switch on all the lamps and lights you can and make sure all blinds, curtains, and screens are wide open so everyone can see the garden. Consider buying a state-of-the-art table lamp, or stunning chandelier for the hall as it’ll give the impression of wealth and success making someone worry about missing out on such a desirable, well cared for property. The goal is to encourage feelings, for instance,

pregnant couples will respond favorably to happy, carefully edited, memories of family life you casually share.

Got It Flaunt It

Every home has that WOW factor, the one place that just makes people think it’s the best thing they’ve ever seen. For some properties, it’s the garden, the outdoor dining area, the stunning master bedroom with ensuite and rainforest shower. Identify the USP and show it off. For instance, a tech loving buyer will adore any cool gadgets or fun features, while buyers who appreciate sustainable living will immediately look for solar panels. Point out those beauties straight away! Inform the prospective buyer that the solar panel installation company is one of the best in the area and will happily take care of any problems as well as having a 24 /7 call out service for preferred customers. Your real estate agent should also liaise with you beforehand on what to say about which room, and try to get a feel about what they’re looking for within the first few minutes of the viewing.

Plants Not Ornaments

Floral arrangements are fantastic, but you obviously don’t want to have to keep buying new ones for each viewing. Look for plants that’ll last the distance, go fake if you really must, and choose bouquets that complement each room’s color scheme.


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