Very Simple Changes For A Dramatic Interior Design Revamp


Every few years our homes start to look a little tired. This could be something as simple as fingerprints on the paint, or it could be that your interior design is a little dated. Whatever the reason, our homes should be something we are proud of. However, most of us can’t afford dramatic changes to keep up with our tastes and the style trends.  Not to worry, we have some simple changes that will give your home a whole new feel.

First up is your paint. A freshly painted home sends out a positive message. Clean and crisp walls make you look tidy, and your home almost seems to breathe cleaner.  If you have opted for something like Farrow & Ball, then it is going to cost you a lot of money to keep on top of your paintwork. So, when decorating always go for the best value for money paint, you can afford. Ultra flat matte looks really chic and luxurious; however, it will be much harder to keep looking fresh. A silk emulsion, however, will be easier to wash down should your dog shake his mud all over the hallway. Find a brand which suits you and fits your budget, then get painting and keep your home looking fresh.

Our hallways are another area which we often neglect. Leaving them full of clutter and overflow, some of us even dump the vacuum cleaner out in the lobby! However, your hall is the first place you see when you come in from a horrible day at work. It is also the first place your guests will see too. So making an effort to have a dazzling entrance will give you an instant lift. Your front door should be painted too, or even just washed down. Simple changes here can have a massive impact. Opt for furniture which doubles as storage and look at some of the ingenious storage solutions on the internet, like these stairs which double as storage compartments. If you have a glass panel on your door, then use screening glass or window film. This will give you better security too as people won’t be able to look into your home. It also means you aren’t blocking out natural light.

Upcycling has taken a real shine in the spotlight recently, and craft paint sales have risen by a massive 78 per cent in the last couple of years, proving that more people than ever and making good of what they have and creating something new. You could inject a little more personality into your room by painting a piece of furniture a neon shade. This would make a bold statement and wouldn’t cost you as much as buying a new bit of furniture.

If your kitchen is looking a little tired, then you can take two routes to achieve a huge change. Firstly, for darker wooden units you can simply take some paint and replace the color scheme in your kitchen. Taking old wooden oak doors and painting them white or a pale gray will really bring your whole kitchen bang up to date. Plus it won’t have cost you much at all. If you don’t have wooden doors, then you could simply change the doors themselves, instead of revamping the whole kitchen. You can also change your kitchen tops too. If you look on Ebay, you may find reduced rate kitchen cut-offs. This is an excellent way to modify the look of your kitchen!

One really simple way to alter the feel of your living room or bedroom is to change your soft furnishings completely. You could go for something new like these from, or you could try to make your own if you are looking to save money. Adding different color cushions to your rooms will give you a whole new feel and can dramatically change the way it feels. Going with a full drop curtain instead of a blind will bring the room together and make it cozier

You can also make small changes such as swapping the handles on drawers, cupboards and your doors!

These are all very simple ideas which will give you that revamp you have been looking for. You don’t have to change everything all in one go, take your time and move room by room. Pretty soon you will have the home of your dreams, and it will be easy to change it up again should you fancy it in a few years.

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