With Will (And Grace)… How To Deal With Old Age

It’s something we can’t always get our heads round, getting older. Some of us deny it until we actually get to the point where we realize we’re not invincible anymore. Or we may experience something that makes us think about how mortal we are. It’s difficult from any point of view, whether we’re dealing with our own life clock ticking away, or we’re looking after a parent or relative because they’re not able to look after themselves anymore. Coping is a skill we can all learn when faced with a difficult situation, and whether you’re a carer or the person being cared for. Let’s delve into it a bit more…

Looking After Yourself…


Age-related cognitive decline is something we all worry about, and what it’s all about is that we’re not keeping our brains sharp and fit enough. We can see when we’re overweight, or if we need to exercise more, but in our minds, it’s much easier to be locked into a certain state and not recognise that we may need a little help. The basics provide a good base, healthy food (Omega 3’s, fish oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds), moderate exercise to get the blood flowing, and doing a lot of things that exercises your mind. It’s important to remember that when we’re trying to learn something, we can get frustrated and think it won’t click, but the next day we’ve cracked it. This is actually due to your brain building more connections. Don’t think that you or the person you’re looking after can decline fast, it’s all about keeping them engaged in the right ways, and this is why a lot of people after retirement decline fast because they’re not making the most of their minds anymore.

Comfort And Relaxation…

Stress is a big killer in the modern world, but at the same time, too little stress is bad for you too. Finding a balance between the two is the right approach. When you’re looking after someone, it can be a big stress on you, and you may wonder whether to step back and let your loved one be looked after by professionals. The right care homes provide comfort and relaxation for your relatives but also reduce the stress for you in many ways. Places like Porthaven promote spirituality, physical exercise, as well as creativity, which helps to keep those faculties sharp, which will reduce stress and anxiety for them. Comfort and relaxation aren’t just about sitting in a nice chair for twelve hours a day, but by providing meaning to our existence in our twilight years, which is something for all of us to think about.

Not Sweating The Small Stuff…

The key to longevity is happiness, and this is something we all forget about from time to time. The Italian who died at 117 earlier this year, the oldest living person, clung onto her independence after an unhappy marriage, and this, she said, was the key to her living a long and happy life. Stress is bad, and we all suffer from it, but whether you’re looking after someone, or you’re trying to think about how you can age gracefully, take note.

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