Design Ideas for Small Spaces and Flats

If you have a flat or a small house, interior design can be a bit more challenging than usual. After all, the last thing you want to do is make your home look even more cramped. You need to concentrate on interior design that is going to make your home appear and feel more spacious. Read on for some ideas to help you get started.


  1. Unclutter – There is only one place to begin, and this is with clearing any clutter. Clutter can easily accumulate when you are living in a small apartment, as you don’t have as much storage space. You are going to need to be strict regarding what items you keep and what items you throw away. You should also look for some clever storage solutions. For example, you could opt for a divan bed, which has storage options underneath it.
  2. Choose airy pieces – You will be much better off going for a table with an open metal base or a see-through acrylic one, rather than choosing a solid-wood coffee table. This will weigh the space down.
  3. Let there be light – Dark spaces look more cramped. It’s important to let as much natural light into a space as possible, as relying on harsh overheads can result in a lot of headaches. You could get skylights installed if you have a top floor flat. Or, why not go all out and have new, bigger windows put in? Of course, this is a large investment, and so you should only go down this route if you can afford the expense and the hassle.
  4. Embrace the floating design trend – Your small flat will appear closed off if you incorporate bulky and large pieces of furniture. One way to open things up is to incorporate floating elements into the design, as this allows the eye to travel all the way through the space while also ensuring you benefit from the same functionality. Opt for a floating sink instead of a traditional vanity, for example, or switch your bookcase for floating shelves. Also, when it comes to furniture, don’t go for anything that sits directly on the floor, and instead choose furniture pieces that have legs.
  5. Add depth with layering – Depth is something that a lot of small spaces seem to lack. One easy way to add this is with layering. Layer your bed with throw pillows and multiple blankets to keep you cozy and warm while adding depth. Why not add a fluffy rug to your living room or use shadow boxes for wall hangings?  
  6. Select furniture that is scaled-down – Petite tables are going to be much better than bulky furniture. Make sure you buy items that suit a smaller space.
  7. Use décor and furniture to add curves – A lot of small flats tend to be box-shaped, which is why it is a good idea to add some curves with your furniture and décor. This will stop the interior design from appearing monotone. Think about using a sofa and chair set with angled sides, for instance, or go for a round dining table. Once you have found furniture pieces that match your personal style and your needs, make certain to complement those curves by choosing accessories that have similar shapes. There are many different ways you can do this, for example, you could go for a table lamp with a rounded shape or an oval shaped mirror.
  8. Match your curtain colour to your walls – Your room will feel a lot bigger if you match the colour of your curtains to your walls. This is because your curtains will blend in, which results in an unbroken line.
  9. Purchase a statement mirror – One of the best ways to open up a space and make it appear a lot bigger is to invest in a statement mirror. This can become the focal point in the room. The reason why a mirror comes highly recommended is because it will ensure natural light bounces around the room. This makes the space appear a lot bigger, and it will be more comfortable and welcoming too. The bigger the mirror is, the better!
  10. Choose a light colour palette – When choosing colours for your flat, it is a good idea to keep things light. Light shades will open up the space, whereas darker and richer colours have a tendency to make spaces appear a lot smaller. It is a good idea to go for two lighter shades and then use a darker colour for accenting. This will ensure your home is visually interesting.
  11. It is all about scale – One thing you need to remember when decorating a small space is that it is all about scale. Your small space will look larger when you choose furniture that is small. Unless you want to make a bold statement, you should stay away from overstuffed and dramatic couches!
  12. Find an organisation system – As mentioned above, dealing with clutter is of paramount importance when decorating any type of small space. When it comes to small apartment living, everyone knows that storage is king. You need to choose the right systems to help you deal with clutter. To keep you on track, invest in some organizers. There are plenty of clever solutions available for purchase today. You could use small baskets to line shelves, for example, or why not buy back-of-the-door shoe hangers for extra storage without taking up more space?
  13. Fake larger windows – You can make your windows seem taller than they are by placing curtain rods just below the ceiling, rather than placing them just above the window frame. This is because it draws the eye upward, which makes a rather big difference. You can also use this to make your windows appear bigger in terms of width.
  14. Go vertical with storage – Don’t only think horizontally when it comes to making use of space in your apartment, you need to think vertically too. When trying to get the most storage out of the least amount of space, narrow and tall storage systems are the best way to go. For a built-in shelving look, one great idea is to place two identical bookshelves at either side of a doorway.
  15. Figure out your priorities – One thing you need to accept is that you can’t have it all when you have a small flat or a small space to deal with. There may be many different furniture pieces and ornaments you want to include, but you are going to need to be more choosey. Take the time to figure out your priorities, as small spaces are limited. Once you have done this, allocate these priorities accordingly. For example, some people want a living space and, therefore, would prefer a bed that folds up. There are then those that would rather have a desk space than a dining area. Think about what you need, and make your home work to this. Don’t feel forced into decorating your home traditionally – it’s your home, it must work for you!
  16. Rethink spaces that aren’t being used at the moment – It can be easy to get stuck in a rut when you have been living in the same place for a substantial amount of time. It’s time to think about whether you are using your space in the most efficient way that you can. Challenge yourself! Identify spaces that currently do not have a useful purpose. Once you have done this, think about different ways you can use these spaces to your advantage. You will be surprised with what you come up with. Plus, you are bound to find plenty of inspiration on blogs and social media.
  17. Invest in dual-purpose furniture – Every inch counts when you are dealing with a small space. Invest in furniture that has more than one purpose in order to make the most of a room. Focus on pieces that are going to work with you, rather than trying to work your space around the furniture you want. There are so many clever dual-purpose items that are available for purchase today. Sofa beds aren’t the only option!
  18. Sprinkle in some Metallics – Not only do metallic accessories look incredible, but they will make your flat appear a lot bigger too. They will have a similar impact to a mirror, meaning they will reflect light off the surface and open up the space. Plus, metallic accessories are bang on trend at the moment, so it’s a great way to ensure your flat looks super stylish.

So there you have it; plenty of suggestions that you can use to make any small space or small flat appear bigger. You will be surprised by how much of a difference these changes can make. Plus, a lot of them don’t cost a lot or require much effort either! It’s a win-win. You will feel like you are living in a brand new home.

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