What Not To Do To Your Fixer Upper

If you’ve recently purchased a new house and it has been given the euphemism title that is ‘fixer-upper’ it may be a little dated at best or in need of complete structural renovation at worst. In any case, once you are done waving your design wand, you will have the perfect humble abode. Many people choose to purchase a house that needs work doing to it to get a foothold on the housing ladder and to try and outperform the market by adding value. Purchase the worst house on the best street, and you could be in the money. Take a look at what not to do when renovating your fixer-upper to make sure the home of your dreams doesn’t quickly become the stuff of nightmares.


Planning Permissions

If you are structurally altering the property you have bought, adding extensions or doing conversions, it is vital that you seek planning permission. While rare, there are horror stories in the press of people choosing to change their garage into an extra living room or adding a two hundred square foot rear extension and then being forced to pull it down because they didn’t seek planning permission. Yes, the process can be long winded and frustrating, but it’s vital that you get the go-ahead from the relevant authorities. If you don’t, you risk losing money and being unable to sell your home in the future.


Ensure that you don’t paint the freshly plastered walls of your new dwelling a crisp white hue before you’ve got your large items of furniture in the rooms. There’s nothing worse than seeing scuffs and scrapes on an otherwise pristine new wall. Find the best local Shiply courier quotes to deliver your sofas, kitchen units, and bathroom suite before you begin decorating. Using a comparison site is ideal as it saves you trawling the net for hours on end trying to find the best deal. Put everything in the centre of the room, cover it with a dust sheet and only then whip out your paintbrush.


While choosing the furnishings for your living room and selecting the gadgets for your kitchen are the most exciting part of renovating, it’s vital that you get the important stuff done first. Ensure that all of your utilities are connected and that you have broadband capabilities. Without these simple necessities, it can be difficult for your house to function as a home. Some fixer-uppers haven’t been lived in for decades so will require utilities being turned back on, new pipework to be laid and new phone lines to be installed. You must factor this into your budget as engineer labour costs are not cheap.

Purchasing a fixer-upper could be the best decision you ever make. Indeed, some people make a career of renovating the worst dwellings they can find to flip and turn a quick profit. Ensure that you buy at the right price, set yourself a realistic budget and enjoy turning a once dilapidated building into your dream home.

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