15. CBD for Pets and How Does Supplementation Matter with Personal Travel

CBD pet supplements are becoming more popular. Following innovations like CBD oil for dogs and cats to reduce the pain of arthritic joints, more pet owners are taking notice. However, many owners are also confused about what is legal with CBD, especially when it comes to traveling with their pets on vacation either by road or air.

In this article, we cover CBD supplementation for pets and where it has a bearing on travel too.

What is CBD and Where Does it Come From?

CBD products are derived from the Cannabis plant, but this is where the connection becomes less clear for pet owners. Cannabis, the plant, has many strains. What’s common among them is around 80 chemical compounds.

One of these compounds is THC, which is the hallucinogen that creates the altered mental state that cannabis smokers commonly experience. However, when reducing the THC level down to around 0.3%, the effects are unnoticeable. At this extremely low level, it’s both barely detectable and a non-issue.  

CBD is created using Cannabidiol. This is another of the many compounds in the Cannabis plant. It’s not mind-altering at all. Because of this, it’s the compound that’s included in hemp products and the main component of all CBD products for both humans and pets.

What are CBD Products for Pets

CBD products for pets are formulated carefully to avoid any mixing of compounds. To qualify as CBD, only 0.3% of THC or less is permissible.

CBD has been found to have many benefits for dogs and cats. They tend to suffer less discomfort with arthritic joints, stay active for longer, are happier and have a healthier digestive system too. Anxiety and depression tend to be lower as well.

The important thing with pet supplements is their purity. Dogs, in particular, can have an adverse reaction to cannabis, so a clear distinction must be made in the mind of pet owners about the differences. CBD has been tested as suitable for them while non-CBD products are not.

A company like Canna Companion has been hard at work creating safe, tested formulations of CBD in their pet supplements for 16 years. It is owned by veterinarians who are clearly animal lovers and want as much reassurance as their customers’ do.

What About Traveling with CBD Supplements?

The laws are changing around CBD as states better understand the distinctions. However, when it comes to air travel and foreign travel, things are changing much slower. In fact, passengers are subject to greater restrictions and CBD products are still not permitted on flights.

For Americans who are traveling by road within the United States to their destination, they should be fine. However, getting a domestic (or an international) flight is not recommended when possessing CBD products. Different rules apply – however confusing that is for pet owners – as to what’s allowed or legal. If you’re traveling by air, leave your pet’s CBD supplements at home.

CBD products for pets provide a major improvement to pet care. Veterinarians are enthusiastic about how much they’re helping dogs and cats that otherwise were suffering unnecessarily. For pet wellness, CBD is the latest scientific innovation that’s worth learning more about.

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