Ideas For Planning A Hen Do With A Difference

Traditionally, the hen do was the bride’s last chance to let her hair down with her friends before tying the knot. This meant a night on the town partying, sipping cocktails and having a laugh with the girls.

Today, however, that’s not always the case. Not all brides like the idea of spending their hen do going out and getting drunk. Many prefer to do something a little bit different, and that’s absolutely fine.


If you are in the process of organising a hen do for a friend who doesn’t want to go out and party, you may be a little stuck for ideas. However, there is no need to panic, as I have put together a guide to lots of hen party ideas with a difference.

Book a spa weekend

If the bride-to-be is in need of a good pamper, booking a spa weekend is the perfect way to celebrate her last days of freedom. Choose the poshest hotel that you and the other hens can afford, and spend a couple of days having treatments and sipping champagne.

The best thing about a spa weekend hen do is that even if the bride doesn’t like the idea of going clubbing, you can still have a drink at the hotel bar. You can also enjoy delicious meals in the restaurant, complete with more champagne.

Go to London

If the bride-to-be fancies a hen do that’s fun and exciting but doesn’t want to go out and get drunk, planning a trip to the capital is ideal. There are so many amazing things to see and do here, so no matter what happens, you will have an amazing time.

If you have a look online, you should be able to find a few package deals for London hen dos. These won’t all include clubbing, there will be various deals that will be perfect for you, the bride and the other hens. From cocktail making classes to sightseeing deals, you should be able to find lots of fantastic deals.

Stay in a fancy hotel and have afternoon tea

For an elegant hen do, consider booking rooms in a nice hotel for a couple of nights. While you are there, you could spend the afternoon enjoying a sophisticated afternoon tea. This could either be at the hotel where you are staying – you may be able to get a deal that includes this, or at a local cafe.

If the bride wants to include her older relatives in the hen do, including her mother and the groom’s mother, afternoon tea is perfect. To make the occasion more special, why not opt for a venue that offers champagne, as well as tea?

Go on an activity day

If the bride-to-be loves sports, an activity day could be the perfect option for her hen do. From abseiling to archery, there are lots of fantastic activities you can do. If there is something that the bride has always wanted to try, such as whitewater rafting, find an activity centre that offers it.

To get a good deal, keep an eye out on sites like Wowcher and Groupon. You should be able to find some good deals on these sites. There are lots of activity centres to choose from, so you should be able to find a suitable one.

Planning a hen do with a difference is a lot easier than you think, all you need to do is take note of the tips and ideas, above.

My Guide To Keeping Fit In London For Less


As many of you might already know, I’m always on the lookout for ways to stay fit and healthy. And, I also have an eye for a bargain. Recently, I’ve been looking around the web for some inspiration for some new – and cheap – keep fit ideas, and I thought I would share them with you. Whether you are just starting out on a new health regime or want to push yourself that little bit further, there is plenty here for all. Let’s take a look at what I have found for you.

Get back on the saddle

I was in Soho the other day and popped into Shinola to look at some bags that had caught my eye. However, as soon as I walked in, my eyes were drawn to something else entirely: an incredibly gorgeous bicycle. Now, it’s been far too long since I have ridden a bike in earnest, but I think I might just climb into the saddle again. I’m very lucky to live in London because the vast majority of places are accessible by bike. There aren’t many enormous hills to scale, and it’s often quicker to cycle than it is to drive. Of course, you do need to be careful on the busy roads, but you can avoid them if you know where you’re going. Fancy joining me?

Free fitness classes

If you’re going to two or three fitness classes every week, it can chew into your finances, fast. So, why not trade one in for one of the many free classes that are run by some of the major sports brands? Nike, Reebok, Asics and many more all host free sessions at their fitness hubs. It’s a great way of saving a little money – and you should get to meet some new people, too. Time Out have a great guide to freebie classes, so check it out and find somewhere near you.

Get on the fitness trail

If you don’t mind the cold and wet during the winter months (and some of the summer ones, too!) then make use of some of London’s finest fitness trails. There are many outdoor gyms that you can use for the princely sum of zilch, and, as you get fitter, you could even run between them for a great workout. There are gyms in Battersea Park, Primrose Hill and many other places – head over to Muddy Plimsolls for a great little map. One thing to be aware of, though – these outdoor gyms can get busy, especially during lunchtimes. It might be best to use them early in the morning.

Say hello to Parkrun

Parkrun are a very cool organisation that hold 5K runs on a regular basis – for free. There are always loads going on in London, so keep an eye on their events page. All you need to do is turn up, and keep track of your personal best. Over time, you’ll soon be smashing your best times and becoming a faster, fitter runner.

Well, that’s all we have time for right now. Let me know if you hear about any free sports sessions anywhere in the capital – I’m always looking for new ways to workout

My Guide to Seeing London Like a Londoner


I love living in London, and I like that so many people want to come and explore the city for themselves. However, often when you go to a new place, you only see it through the eyes of a tourist. Anyone who comes to see Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London won’t see the London that I know. If you want to see the city like a local, you have to be prepared to go off the beaten track. Don’t spend too long visiting the usual sights when there are so many places to explore. Here’s my guide to enjoying London like a Londoner.

Stay in an Apartment

The first thing you must do is avoid hotels. You can’t see anywhere like a local if you base your stay from a hotel room. You will only be able to eat in restaurants, and you’ll be surrounded by other holidaymakers. You can feel comfortable in a hotel, but you won’t ever feel at home. A better option is to visit HouseTrip or a similar site to book an apartment. Not only will a flat save you money, but you’ll be more relaxed too. You can cook your own food and come and go as you please, without having to let anyone in to clean your room.

Give the Sightseeing a Miss

Whenever you visit any new city, the first thing you want to do is go to all the iconic landmarks. It’s understandable, as they’re some of the things that make the city so great. But there are lots of reasons not to bother. For one thing, they can be very expensive, and for another, they get extremely busy. The truth is, if you walk around the centre of London, you’re going to see a lot of the famous landmarks anyway. If you want to see the sights, take an open-top bus around the city for a couple of hours and then be done with it.

Go Wandering

A lot of people say that the best way to explore a city is to get lost. Of course, you don’t have to get so lost that you have no idea how to get back to your accommodation. But sometimes you have to take a chance and just start walking. Don’t plan your day and follow a map to where you’re going. Just leave your holiday apartment and go wherever looks interesting. You never know what you might stumble across. You could find an incredible restaurant, a beautiful park or something unexpected.

Eat Your Way Through London

London is a multicultural city, which means the food is multicultural too. From curries on Brick Lane to pop-up restaurants around the city, you could spend your whole holiday eating. Don’t just stick to restaurants and cafes, though. Explore the many markets on offer and keep an eye out for food trucks too.

You won’t become a Londoner on your first visit, but you can begin to see the city through their eyes. Put down your map and camera and see London organically to have the best experience.

Short Stay Apartments London: The Best Option for a Comfortable Stay in London

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Most travellers to London nowadays choose serviced apartments for higher convenience, privacy and value for money. London is a lovely city with a variety of accommodations to suit any budget. There are innumerable privately owned properties which are rented out by homeowners who may be residing abroad or travelling.

Most travellers to London nowadays choose serviced apartments for higher convenience, privacy and value for money.

London is a lovely city with a variety of accommodations to suit any budget. There are innumerable privately owned properties which are rented out by homeowners who may be residing abroad or travelling. That is why you get a choice of first class serviced apartments in London. Short stay apartments are available in almost all London regions including prime areas like Hyde Park, Bayswater, Notting Hill, Mayfair, etc.

Most of the time, these Short Stay Apartments are the second homes or vacation homes of those people who make an income by renting out their residential properties for an extra source of income, while staying in another country or region. But at the same time, this serves as a blessing in disguise for those visiting London for a short span. For them these rental units are of great help as they can escape the trouble of spending too much by booking room in expensive hotels. In several cases, hotel stay is unaffordable to many visitors, especially who are tourists.

Going by the testimonials of those who have enjoyed their stay in London’s serviced apartments, the majority of the customers are more than happy. For one thing, the comforts of the tastefully prepared rental properties outclass those of many hotels all around London. In fact, the premium valued short let London units offer many extra amenities to suit the taste and budget of the high-end travellers, whether tourists or corporate.

Most of the short stay accommodation in London is self contained and boast of alluring accessories such as smart crockery, TV sets, linens, towels, microwave ovens and refrigerators. Of course larger appliances like laundry machines can come only in premium properties. This also means you can get the most befitting option just by browsing through the property websites who give perfect descriptions that can balance your tastes and attitudes.

With more and more upcoming short stay rental properties throng the market, be advised that when you are planning a trip to London, just make sure that you are getting the most updated list. You can get the service of many websites and portals that allow you to schedule your arrival and departure to coincide with the availability of prime units in the market. Also please keep in mind that several London rental apartment homeowners have the clause of a “minimum stay” rule mandating you to book for a minimum period (as per clause). In any case, it will be safe to be abreast of the norms and specific necessities beforehand.

One thing is clear that most travellers to London choose self serviced units these days as convenience and privacy are guaranteed. In some places, maid service is also available at a charge. Anyways if your stay is as short as only 7-10 daysFind Article, you do not need to bother about household chores as such.

Cost Effective Ways to Enjoy London


Being a top tourist attraction, London draws in a crowd of tourists during the summer season. It is usually a mix of students and people from all over the world wanting to experience London in the sunlight.

For the budget conscious traveler, the best time of the year to visit London is from November to March. Not only is airfare a lot cheaper but so does your accommodation. Many bargains can be enjoyed by simply browsing websites and making comparisons on the fare provided. As an incentive to travelers, airlines make it a point to provide discounted fares during off-season. Same goes with the accommodations since you can easily access budget Hotels near Euston Station with comfortable beds and impeccable service.

Why should the Hotels near Euston Station be the perfect choice? If your purpose is sightseeing, which is usually the main goal of travelers except for those on business, you are near to all the well-known landmarks. If it is your first time to set foot in the city, you will find it easier to go around. If your idea is to travel some distance from London to try different scenery besides the busy city, you can easily take the train or the underground from Euston Station. Besides that, even if these hotels are not as luxurious and grand as the 5-star hotels in Central London, you can have a favorable stay with the comfort and convenience provided by high-end facilities and amenities.

Being a tourist oriented city, you can never fault London for lousy service since almost all hotels are known for a different brand of hospitality. The only drawback with London is during the peak season where all the prices are geared for the influx of tourists. Not only does air travel become expensive but accommodations can skyrocket as well. It can double overnight not unless you were able to make early bookings. Once you schedule your travel in the last weeks of March, be sure to meet high prices anywhere you go — from restaurants, bars, pubs and certainly the shopping centers.

Being a top tourist attraction, London draws in a crowd of tourists during the summer season. It is usually a mix of students and people from all over the world wanting to experience London in the sunlight. Who doesn’t when faced with the opportunity of being able to see the famed Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey? It can be an experience being able to see royalty once the Union Jack is flying from the Buckingham Palace. However, during summer prepare yourself to queue anywhere you choose to go. Long lines will meet from the famed museums to the London Eye.

Not only are the off-season rates attractive but it is cost effective. You can also relax and enjoy London at your own pace without having to spend a fortune. It also allows you to experience a true London way of life when it is not teeming with tourists. The post-holiday season is the perfect time to visit London if your objective is to shop. London merchants want to clear their inventories to make way for spring so don’t be surprised to find clothing, china, dinnerwareFree Articles, linens and electronics at bargain prices. Not only do you save money but you enjoy the best deals too.

10 Things You Absolutely Must See Or Do in London


London has a multitude of varied and exciting attractions but these are the ones without which, your trip just wouldn’t be the same!

Oxford Street Britain’s busiest high street and London’s best known shopping area is chock-a-block full of the largest branches of the nation’s most popular shops – over 300 in fact. Many of the biggest high street names have their flagship stores here and the street also boasts the oldest record shop in the world (HMV at number 363). It’s not all hardcore shopping though – light entertainment is often provided in the form of chanting Hari Krishnas skipping along the pavement. If you can’t find what you want to buy in Oxford Street, you haven’t got much of a hope elsewhere.

Nearest Tubes: Marble Arch, Bond Street, Oxford Circus, and Tottenham Court Road

Camden Market If you’re after a more bohemian approach to shopping than the Oxford Street experience, then get yourself up to Camden. One of London’s coolest areas has a seemingly endless array of shops and stalls selling such items as clothing (new, second hand and retro), customised Doc Martins and trainers, jewellery, bootleg CDs and DVDs and craft ware. Open daily; it’s a multi cultural experience with some great little food outlets dotted all over.

Nearest Tube: Camden Town

Tower of London Built by Billy The Conqueror nearly a thousand years ago, this is one of the best preserved and most famous historic landmarks in the world. Full of the history of executions and imprisonments and offering the spectacle of the Beefeaters, the ravens and the crown jewels as well as the majesty of the building itself, this remains THE essential place of historic interest to visit when in London.

Nearest Tube: Tower Hill.

St. Paul’s Cathedral Britain’s best known place of worship and certainly one of its most recognisable buildings, having so often been the centrepiece of state occasions. The cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and built 300 years ago following the destruction of the previous building by the Great Fire Of London. An awe inspiring feat of architecture, steeped in history and featuring works of art, monuments, mosaics and the Whispering Gallery, the Cathedral is also still a busy working church. So booking your wedding here during the summer months might just be a bit tricky.

Nearest Tube: St Pauls

National Gallery The National Gallery is home to one of the greatest collections of European art in the world. Featuring works painted between 1250 and 1900, the collection includes such well known pieces as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Botticelli’s Venus And Mars and Constable’s Hay Wain. Sadly, the work of the great Rolf Harris is too recent and too Australian to be included – see the Tate Modern.

Nearest Tube: Charing Cross. Admission: Free

British Museum Founded over 250 years ago, it could be said that the British Museum is one of London’s oldest and most prized exhibits – the museum building itself is one of Britain’s greatest architectural landmarks. Housed inside is a collection of art and antiquities from ancient and living cultures the world over spanning two million years featuring the Rosetta Stone, the Easter Island statue and the earliest known image of Christ.

Nearest Tubes: Tottenham Court Road, Goodge Street, Russell Square & Holborn. Admission: Free

London Eye Undoubtedly the quickest way to take in all of London’s major attractions is by jumping on the Eye. There’s not much of the city that can’t be seen from the top of what has become one of the London skyline’s most dominating features. To further enhance your flight on this modern day feat of engineering, you can even order champagne to be served in your capsule (not recommended for the easily nauseas).

Nearest Tubes: Waterloo & Westminster.

Tate Modern If random blobs of paint on canvas and piles of rusty old engine parts is your idea of art, then get yourself down to the Tate Modern. Created in a disused power station on the banks of the Thames, the gallery has become one of London’s most fascinating attractions since opening in 2000. The collection features works by Picasso, Matisse, Dali, Pollock and Warhol and represents all the major movements since 1900. Sadly, the work of the great Rolf Harris is too art like to be included – see the National Gallery.

Nearest Tubes: Southwark & Blackfriars. Admission: Free (however donations are gratefully received)

Covent Garden Formerly a fruit and vegetable market, ‘The Garden’ is now a constant and varied hive of activity. It has a hugely diverse selection of shops, eateries, bars, a market selling art, crafts, antiques and souvenirs, historic buildings, theatres, the Royal Opera House and fantastic free entertainment provided by street entertainers and musicians. If you can’t find something to capture your interest at Covent Garden then you must be harder to please than Simon Cowell on a bad day.

Nearest Tube: Covent Garden.

Trafalgar Square Undoubtedly one of the most famous sights of London without visiting which, a trip to the capital would be incomplete. Not only are tourists drawn to see Nelsons Column, the fountains, the lions, the annual gift of a huge Christmas tree from Norway and the pigeons (dirty little so and sos)Business Management Articles, but it is where the masses flock to in times of national celebration or when there is cause to demonstrate. Trafalgar Square truly is the meeting place of the nation.

Nearest Tube: Charing Cross.

London for a backpacker


Though, not the cheapest city in the world, London is certainly the liveliest and most exciting of them all. And you don’t require deep pockets to enjoy London. Yes, it is possible to have loads of fun without burning a hole in your pocket.

Though, not the cheapest city in the world, London is certainly the liveliest and most exciting of them all. And you don’t require deep pockets to enjoy London. Yes, it is possible to have loads of fun without burning a hole in your pocket. As there are many budget hotels in London and many major attractions mainly museums and galleries either charge nominal fee or no admission fee at all. And every other day there’s a plethora of free festivals, open air concerts and displays of pageantry. To enjoy all this, all you need to know is what’s happening and where. Here are some of the important attractions that you can visit when in London.

Trafalgar Square

This is an important landmark in the city and is located right in the centre of London. In fact Trafalgar Square is one of the best places to start your sightseeing tour. It has over 150 years of history, with Nelson’s famous column behind you, and the fountains by Lutyens and Landseer’s lions in front of you. Beyond them lies the National Gallery, which holds one of the world’s finest collections of Western European paintings.

National Portrait Gallery

Not too far from the Trafalgar Square is the National Portrait Gallery. The gallery has one of the most inspiring collections of portraits. The National Portrait Gallery holds likenesses of both the famous and infamous – poets and princesses, statesmen and sportsmen are all on display. Royal portraits abound, which range from Holbein’s Henry VIII to Annigoni’s portrait of the Queen. And if you thought it’s all history; don’t be surprised to see the stars from today’s world of rock, pop and show biz too. You may catch a glimpse of supermodel Elle MacPherson, Elizabeth Taylor, and The Spice Girls.


There are two other major art galleries in London that you can visit without spending a penny. The two galleries are Tate Britain and Tate Modern. Neither of the galleries charges admission fee for their permanent collections.

British Museum

British Museum is of the oldest public museum in the world. It is located in Bloomsbury and houses items from all over the globe. The museum has everything from mummies to Ming; exhibits include priceless antiquities like the Elgin Marbles from The Parthenon and the Rosetta Stone that provided the key to Egyptian hieroglyphics.

British Library

British Library was once part of the British Museum, and is now found in St Pancras. Its new building was designed by Sir Colin Wilson to house the UK’s National LibraryComputer Technology Articles, the riches of the written word. It has an amazing 150 million separate items in storage and state-of-the-art technology lets you journey through some of the priceless exhibits via a ‘virtual manuscript’.