Surprising Uses For Plastic Bags


Plastic bags are an essential part of modern living. They can be found on every continent and in every country. We use them on a daily basis for a number of different reasons, be it packaging or storing. They are the most commonly used way for us to protect goods and produce. Most plastic bags are manufactured from resins such as polythene and polyethylene.

The actual density varies depending on the use of the end product.Generally, they are no more than two hundred and fifty microns in thickness. Depending upon what use they will be put to, plastic bags are available in countless shapes, sizes, strengths and varieties. Some have handles to aid carrying, others have extra width built into them, and there are those that can be sealed to protect the contents.Lately, plastic bags have developed a bad image due to environmental concerns, but this is unfounded. They actually use fewer raw materials in their manufacture than other forms of packaging such as cartons or boxes.

Unwanted bags can also be recycled or even burnt in a process to create energy from waste products.Our eating and cooking habits would be very different without them. They help to keep our food fresh and safe from airborne diseases. They are used in our garbage bins to prevent spillage of waste products as well as to contain any unwanted smells. If we think of the items in our bathroom, we will also see how plastic bags are essential.

Most soaps and related products are kept protected by plastic bags of various sizes. Also it would be difficult to transport our shopping home from the store without them.Apart from bathroom and kitchen items there are many other uses for plastic bags in our homes. When we buy a DVD or CD they will mostly come in a protective plastic cover, as do the machines we play them on. This helps to prevent damage from scratches, dust, and water. Without plastic packaging these items may not make it back to our homes safely.

There are also many other uses for plastic bags. In hospitals they are an essential and secure method of keeping excellent hygiene standards by protecting instruments and medicines from contamination.Many farms use plastic bags as a way to keep seeds and fertilizers protected from damp and the elements.